Posted by: Mayu | March 17, 2010

Emma, Royal, Sean, ♥Livs♥ and Jaimee ^^

That were quite a lot of visitors tonight 🙂

I enjoyed it to have my town full again, first was Emma, then came Royal…

followed by Sean ^^. Hahaha Sean, you look freaked out on this pic xPP.

But Royal had to go soon as she was waiting for another friend 😉

So meanwhile Sean and I had a good net fight on my flying clouds 😉

Then ♥Livs♥ was there, hiii! 😀 (well actually she was afk on this pic 😆 )

Wifi crashed a lot this evening again 😕 so on this pic it was only Livs, Emma and me left. Emma is at the right she has changed her hairstyle into this cute bun ^^

Finally Jaimee came over, woooot!!! 😀 It was her first time she met me in the evening, otherwise we only played in my mornings, as she’s from Australia xDD.
It was good to see you all again, you made my day 🙂



  1. This is really wonderful. 🙂

    What does afk mean? 😐 🙂
    -Icy King Ghidorah

    • ‘away from keyboard’ ^^

      • Btw, wanna try to come over now? 🙂 I’ll open my gates in 3 minutes xD

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