Posted by: Mayu | March 12, 2010

From morning to night: ACWW fun

Today I’ve played ACWW quite often, it all began in the morning with Elo:

She brought me her pattern for the spring contest, so besides that I’ve got not much pics of her as I also don’t want to show the pattern 😉

We went to my house, because it was raining badly outside and Elo was shivering of the coldness xP.

In the afternoon I opened my gates another time and

Miley and Mikell were my first visitors 🙂

It has been a while Mikell 😉

And Bubbi was also for a very short trip here ^^

After she went back home, Mikell ask me to add his brother cookie.
Welcome, cookie, you look cute when you smile like this 😀

In the evening my town was filled up with: Mikell, Lucky and Sean

But Mikell left soon my town as he also wanted to open his gates. So after him Usagi was my next visitor (right). Hii! I was happy to see you and welcome again to Mitsukyo x3

Sean changed his hairstyle to a blonde colour 🙂

And also Usagi took the chance to change her hair to this cute blonde pigtailed one 😀

Finally ♥Livs♥ in the green shirt with jacobs ladder was also there, it was really a busy ACWW day 😀

My last picture of friday’s gameplay is that of Yuki and her newest friend Ma ^^. She’s also a WWAG (Wild World Adult Group) member and she’s very kind. 🙂

This Friday I was really busy, thanks to all who visited me, I enjoyed it a lot ^^



  1. Wow, had a lot of fun by the looks of it! And My usb wifi stick arrived a while ago, but, it’s not working with my game! 😦 And it won’t play on my friends DSi, so hat means its probably a fake game! I’ve played so much with it. It may mean i’ll never have wifi! STUPID EBAY!

    • Aww what’s that?? That’s unfair! 😦

      • It’s probably actually down to the fact that it’s on a M3 Ds simply card. you may know it as the R4, same thing. So it’s a fake game.

  2. I have M3 Ds thing. It doesnt work with wifi. sorry. But it works with Ds 2 Ds.

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