Posted by: Mayu | March 11, 2010

Mummy is sleeping… sshhhhhhhh xD

This morning I had Bubbi from Kawaii as visitor ^^

Hii! 😀 What do you say, we have to be quiet? Because your mum is having a nap at home? 😮
Ohh ok, so let’s play silently, not to wake her up, shhhh, shhhhhh!! xD

She soon invited me to come to her town, as I haven’t seen it yet ;).
WHOA!! Nice flag and path!! 😮 Ooops, sorry sorry, shhhh shhhh :mrgreen:

Such a yummy path, nom nom nom ~♥

FOUND YOU BUBBI! ummmm sorry, found you… xP

Bubbi had another expansion of her house today, so let’s have a look inside ^^

Haaaaaah, I just love these turnip odour ~xP

We chit-chatted a lot… of course very quiet 😛

Jaimee: “HII!” we:” SHHHHHHHHH!” 😆

Tee hee, Jaimee found some floating turnips on the mushroom table so I had to see it too :P. It looks really weird, doesn’t it? ^^

I washed my hands in Bubbi’s mainroom… btw where is all this water going?? 😯

Then Mummy woke up!! AHHHHHH!
ZITT! Wifi crash!
Gameplay ended 😉
Hahaha thanks for the fun, Bubbi and Jaimee 😆


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