Posted by: Mayu | March 11, 2010

Iris and Elo ^^

As Bubbi had to go I opened instead as Jaimee also wanted to pick up all those patterns I’ve pixeled for her 😉

So she came with another spare character called Iris! 😀 Hey, you’ve got the same eyes like me 🙂

She was busy to fetch all those patterns, 5 in all ^^. I just have to pixel the bunny pattern of Herti-pi’s blog for the next time 😉

After that I also bought Iris’ shirt at my Ables and changed my hair. So now guess, who’s who! xDD 😆 (Actually you can see it for sure :mrgreen: )

Then I’ve said that I had to go as I still had a lot to do at home, but before I would start I’ve thought I have to check my private threads on Animal Crossing Community and who did I found there? Elo! 😆
She asked me if we can meet up and I said, ok just for 20 minutes 🙄 haha!

So here’s Elo! 😀 Hi!! We soon headed over to her town ~♥Luvs♥~

Her town is amazing! She changed it with help of Action Replay so you can find many interesting places in her town ^^

I liked the view to the gates from this spot 😀

A frog pond surrounded by sparkling cedars, how cool is that! 😮

And also a rock maze with a lot of feathers inside! Nice! 😀

Dang, why didn’t I take more pictures of us?? That was my last one oO. Sorry about that, but I hope to see you tomorrow morning again and I’m also looking forward to your spring designed shirt for the contest ^^



  1. Mayu I really want to wifi with you but for some reason when your gates are open they keep saying somthing bout a manual but everyone works well..? I’m confused

    • add me?

    • Yes, I think you haven’t read my last comment about this, but I’ve had the same problems to get into your town (was it on Monday? Anyway I’ve tried around 30 minutes to get into your town) 😦
      I always got 86420 error code and Copper just didn’t let me go to Caketown, argh!
      I also had this problem once with another friend, we just weren’t able to visit each other, although we both were able to play with other friends, that was so confusing and frustrating. I hope we can visit us someday… 😦 But when you still have the same problem yesterday the chance is very low, that we can visit each other…! 😥

      • I know it gives me the same code to and it happened to 1 or 2 friends that’s having the same problem 😦 arghh so annoying!

  2. K whats your info?

    • its on my blog (click on my name)

  3. Ok but I’ll probably play tommorow uk time in the afternoon

  4. so many rocks! do you buy them? how much? and by the way, what’s an action replay?

  5. action replay is a cheat I have one but I use it so much that won’t work anymore 😦

    • cheats?! like seeds?! i’m not connecting with THOSE people

  6. No they’re not like seeds they’re cheats like you can put them in your ds
    And you can get all sorts of cheats like getting 999999 bells or turn weeds into bells etc…

  7. Can anyone add me?
    Town: Mirkwood
    Name: Samia

    Thank you!
    Oh and Mayu?I might see you in 30 minutes. 🙂

    • I’ll add you my fc:


      Add me back asap I’m playing right now

      • add me you both?
        Friend code:2235-9292-0850

        • Ok

          • Add me to ace my fc is above which is pippy ^

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