Posted by: Mayu | March 11, 2010

Dried-up waterfall!

When I opened my gates, Sean and ~Shania~ dropped by…

… but also ♥Livs♥ , hiiii you three! 😀

I’ve noticed that I’ve got a new neighbour…

it’s BAABAARAAAAA! OMG, my dream came true, now I’ve got all sheeps in town! ♥ ♥ ♥ I have to lock her soon! 😈

Sean and I had a very hard axe fight, Shania and Livs were the judge lol.

I gave up so that I can take a close-up pic of us all xP

Well Wifi crashed and instead of Sean Royal came to Mitsukyo ^^. But the fun didn’t last long, because Wifi crashed for another time, short after this.
But I promised Sean anyway to come soon to his town, because he wanted to create a new town, an animal map edited town to be more precise.

Well what does that mean? Look here, lol:

That’s the map of Mbro, Sean’s newly created town. 😆
Isn’t it crazy? Just look the size of the super small river there, haha. And all neighbours he put in a row 😛

This is the tiny river, it starts from the side wall oO

Looks really strange :mrgreen:

And I laughed about the place, where you usually can found waterfall. It’s totally dried-up! 😯 lol

Hope to see you all soon again 😉



  1. I love the map it looks so cool and on the plus side you have lots of space it looks like the neighbours are sleeping in a beach house

  2. hat er gecheatet?

    • natürlich!

    • Jepp, er benutzt animalmap um seine Landschaft zu ändern 😉

  3. wie cool. wo bekommt man das den?

    • Ich weiß es nicht!

    • Soweit ich weiss brauchst du dazu den AR Max Duo, ich hab mal ne Seite gefunden da ist es näher erklärt und das Animal Map Programm ist da auch zum runterladen:
      ist allerdings auf Englisch…

      • Wow. Warum sollte jemand zu betrügen? Es gibt keinen Grund.

  4. amazingly amazing! glitches are fun! 😀

  5. I really want to go to ur town Mayu! 🙂

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