Posted by: Mayu | March 11, 2010

A short trip to AbbeyRd

Waah! It has been 4 days when I visited Julie from AbbeyRd and I still wasn’t able to post about it, I’m so sorryyy xP. But also my contest is quite busy for me, I’ve to take a lot of pics about the patterns and so far I’ve got 17 people entering it. I hope the poll about it will be displayed this evening, but maybe it’s going to be up tomorrow, I’m afraid! 😦

But let’s see what I’ve done on thursday evening:

Like I said, I saw Julie’s gates open and went for a visit to AbbeyRd. Julie doesn’t play that often anymore and so I’m always happy to have the chance to meet her up again ;). The girls from left to right are: Julie, me, ~Shania~ and morgan, yay, all one of my nicest ACWW players x3

morgan and I visited Julie’s goldfish lol.

And I’ve visited Apollo, it’s so cool to see him again, I really like him 😀 8)

Relaxing in Julie’s beach room… morgan? Is something wrong?? xP

I laughed about this weird bulletin board message, I think I’ve never read it on my German bulletin board 😆

Soon I decided to open my gates for a while, I wasn’t sure if someone still wants to give me his pattern for my contest ;).
Thanks for having me over Julie, and it was great fun with you girls!! 😀



  1. hahahahah!!! my expressions in EVERY picture!!!! hahahaha 🙂 that’s too funny!! I had sooo much fun with you guys!! thanks for comming over miki!! 😉

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