Posted by: Mayu | March 10, 2010

Yay, finally you’re in Mitsukyo, Candy! :D

I had a great evening again ^^.

This time Candy and Sean were my visitors :). Finally Candy aka Pocca from my blog, was able to get to Mitsukyo lol! The last week she often tried to come in, but every time my town was already full, sorry about that 😳

Lol, Sean was wearing almost the same shirt like me, but his shirt is self-designed 😉

A close-up view from Candy 🙂 . She’s a very nice girl from Switzerland, we also chatted some sentences in German, when our English was too confusing 😛

I’ve shown her my spare hybrid area and of course it’s empty again, haha!

Candy also laughed about my turnips, what all new visitors do by the way xD.
Well, this was the last pic of Candy, because soon after that Wifi crashed again, sigh…

When I reopened, Royal came for a visit, woot! 😀

Oh and who’s next?

It’s Paige! Welcome 😀 She also brought her shirt for the spring pattern tonight, cool! By the way, I don’t have much time on Saturday as we’re visiting my parents, so last chance to give me the pattern is on Sunday! oO
Sean also came back and soon we decided to head over to Mbro 😉

Lol! You can barely see us in the money-tree wood xP

But when I zoom up, all trees vanish for a moment so you can see us now better 😉

We chit-chatted a while, explored the town and then Paige had to go and me soon after her, too.

Thanks for the fun, Candy, Sean, Royal and Paige 😀



  1. Great idea with the money trees how did u get them so close to eachother did u cheat them?

    • That was in Sean’s town and yes, he cheated them there 😉

  2. haha, that was funny =)
    i try to visit you after the wifi crash, but i can’t come, i don’t no why ^^
    But maybe another day ^^

  3. bells on trees? how do you make that??

    • you plant bells with a golden shovel

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