Posted by: Mayu | March 9, 2010

Frogs and cats on clouds

Like I said in my last post, Jaimee and I travelled to P!nk’s town redwall after our play in Mitsukyo ^^.

Hii! Oh, already night here in Australia! It’s still fascinating to know, that you can meet people all over the world by playing over Wifi! 😀

Lol! What’s that? Cute froggies looking out the clouds, what an awesome idea xDD!

It’s a pity that it’s evening and you can’t see those patterns well on the photo… but I hope you can ^^

I’ve been invited to see P!nks house. Jing, who is a friend of P!nk and who also plays on her ACWW game, decorated all the house while P!nk is doing the landscape. Here we are in the main room, it’s freezing cold here, brrr! :mrgreen:

Yay, that’s a cool room! I like the colourful maytroshka at the wall 🙂

And while P!nk and Jaimee see a tatami and shoji room, I can only see a dungeon room again, meeeh! 😦

The beach had such lovely palm/jacob’s ladder combination, it’s so pretty! 😀

Another cute pattern area with kittens looking through the clouds, awww! x3

This was actually MY Tiffany from Mitsukyo, but she didn’t remember me at all! Boo! xP 😆

This was a long game play, thanks for all the fun, Jaimee, P!nk and Bubbi! 😀



  1. as you’ve said before mayu, FROG MANIA!!!!!!!! it seems every one has frogs some where… exept me!!!!! i’m goona fix that to day though >:D hmm, frog on ground, or in water???? heehee

    • I, unfortunatly dont have frogs ANYWHERE!!! Mayu, do you know any good places for frogs?

      E.x. Flying Cloud.

      • Places? You mean in your town? Why not making a frog pound or near your house or at the beach, I mean I don’t know where you like them to put these patterns down, it’s up to you 😉

        • XD. no, mayu. I mean like, say hiding behind a group of mushes. By places, I mean what king of the patterns you made. Like in… umm… *inspiration emote* square snow or next to a gyroid on the ground. You know, on one of the patterns on the Icons&patterns.

          • Ah!! lol ok now I understood you xP
            Hmmmmmm yes, what else can you do… Frog in grass? Jumping to catch a fly? xD

            • I KNOW! i have an idea that i can sum up with just a few words…:

              I’ll have jumping from quicksand singing the verve bittersweet symphony while playing hop scotch w/ his walkie talkie having a cup of coffee after a day of falling of a tree and going to a concert just for the lemon tea and after the coffee he goes up a flag trying to and failed race a roadrunner for an eraser in a test to see wich canr eat a cheese grater the longest, clicking a lonzenge onto a seat belt, yo-yo a yo-yo for a yo-yo bag of yo-yo from saying can you yo-yo a yo-yo from yo-yo to yo-yo with out stopping and after a year then a football walks up to the frog and asks for a piece of pie but then the frog then grabs the football by the thighs and throws him to a completley random jar, which then breaks the jar and finally the frog gets arrested.

              J.K. im just gonna make a lava pool and a frog in a position where he put his hands on his bottom. You know, when characters that do that yell after a touch of some incrediby hot water?… *inhales REALLY deeply then exhales*

              • i guess i rote such a long comment that the computer made a few… ok. a lot of errors… 😳

              • LOL! Hahaha, I want to see the other pattern! xDD 😛
                What a huge sentence :lol:, cool!

                But the other frog with hands on his bottom(?, you mean his butt??) sounds also very funny ^^

                • XD thx. i didn’t want to rite ‘ butt ‘ cus i thought the kool pple here wont appreciate ‘that word’. I … didn’t kinda ad lib. (I wish i could’ve on that).

  2. Mayu, can you please add me? 🙂 (yes i reset my town
    Friend Code:086153477860

    • when i get my ds back (maybe monday, srry thats so late) then you will come pick up items. my fc is on the list

      • oh yeah, if you need anything, you can count on me 😀

    • Sure Samia, btw, your Mirkwood pattern is done 😉

  3. The dungeon room is way better than the shoji/tatami room. I would give anything to have it.

    • Haha, I think we always want that what we can’t get somehow 😛

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