Posted by: Mayu | March 9, 2010

A fun morning with Jaimee, Bubbi and P!nk ^^

Yay, finally I’ve found some time in my morning again to play with my Australian friends (last week I was too busy, sorry about that).

This is Lilibell aka Jaimee from Tinytown, she came over to pick some patterns I’ve pixeled for her 😉

Later on she came back with her main chara Jaimee, because playing without emotions is not that much fun 😛

Bubbi came for a short visit, yay it has been a while! 😀 Because school started in Korea, she can’t play that often anymore and today was also short, but I’m glad you stopped by, Bubbi ^^

Tee hee, Jaimee is always having fun xD!

This is P!nk, all in white today ^^

Goofing around is always fun 🙂

And Jaimee visited her boyfriend Blathers again, awww ~♥ lol

A tired P!nk… :mrgreen:

In the end, before we decided to go to P!nk’s town redwall, we shook this poor tree like mad 😈

To be continued 😉



  1. It looks like you’re all head-butting the tree xD

    • lol!! 😆 BAM! ouch BAM! ouch BAM! ouch xP

  2. love the tree shaking!! lol XD

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