Posted by: Mayu | March 8, 2010

Hot Lava in Mbro!

Whoa, that was an evening with full of Wifi crashes again! 👿
So I’ve got a lot of pictures of people at my gates today lol.

This picture was actually after the first Wifi crash, Resetti came right at the moment, as Sean wanted to enter my town. But now he and Lucky are there!

Bang! Another crash and this time Livs came also through the gates lol!

Sean looks really colourful today, really nice 🙂

Another huge lagging! I was digging this crack for about 1 minute? oÖ

Well, I don’t want to tell every moment Wifi crashed xP. Here Lucky was happy, because she saw on my town map, that Savannah is living in my town.

So we paid her a visit ^^

A new crew with Miley, Sean and Livs 😛

Another one with Royal, Lucky and Livs 😆

Well, after another crash I’ve found Sean’s gates open so I headed over to Mbro.

He showed me his newest pattern, they all look great. Especially the Lava pattern looks cool 8) (he edited the water pattern into red/yellow colours 😀 )

Whoa, Lava sea in Mbro! 😮

Owww, even in his house it was very hot, ouch ouch xD

Soon I had to go, but thanks for all your visits, people, I enjoyed it a lot! 😀



  1. Wow, another night out Mayu? Isn’t it odd that you can run from, say australa to the USA in a minute by opening the gates!

    I’d like to add you to my blogroll, but i don’t know how! XD

    • Yes, that’s the most amazing thing about playing over Wifi! 😀 I just love it ^^
      Tom, where can I find your blog? I want to add you too 🙂
      And if your blog is also on wordpress you just have to go to “My Dashboard” -“Links” -“Add New” and enter the name and url of the blog 🙂

        Thanks, I’d love to wifi one day, but I don’t have it! I have ordered that USB thing, so perhaps we could meet up?

        • Oh sure! 😀 Just give me a hint as soon as you have the USB Wifi stick ^^
          And thanks for the link, your blog is already really cool!!
          I like your galleries with all your drawn pics there 😀

  2. Sean 🙂

    • so…. i hear that ur going out with sean!! lol i just broke up with him monday!!

      • Yeah, I am, and I heard that too… he was really upset… 😦

        • …omg

          • you broke up with him?! omg this is bad…
            and Sorcha? how?
            i need to wifi more

            • why is that bad??

  3. Lucky is like my clone, lol xD

    • lol!!

  4. i HAD lava, but no one wifi’ed with me to see it, so i guess i have to tear it down

    • sureee you did……lol jk!!! xP

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