Posted by: Mayu | March 6, 2010

Welcome to Mitsukyo, Royal and Mikell!

Yay, tonight I had two new visitors again, well, in fact not that “new” to me, but it was their first time to get into my town with their own charas. ^^

So let me introduce you: Royal from Miami. 😀 Last time when we were talking to each other she played with the chara of Miley while Miley was afk (I’m not sure if it is the sister or a friend, but anyway she uses the same town) and she asked me to add her character Royal and so here she came! 😀 She’s a very nice girl ^^

And ♥Livs♥ was also there. She felt bad that she’s visiting me almost every day, but really! You don’t have to worry Livs, it’s totally ok for me xD (as you are a very kind girl and fun to play, too 😉 )

Some minutes later Mikell from StarCity dropped by, hello! 😀 Oh wow, we finally were able to meet up, I know him for several months (actually from July last year on oO) and it was really cool that he found a way to play over Wifi now ^^

We assembled all together to get a group pic ^^. Royal changed her haircolour to a dark brown one, that’s nice 🙂

Trying to get a close-up view of us all, but the time stamp is hiding almost all of Royal, sorry for that 😦

Then we payed Mikell a visit in his town StarCity! Yay, cool red carpet and flag! 😀

Mikell was so generous, he gave us 2 bags of 99k first in my town as present and also in his town he was always offering cool items to pick up for free and in return I gave him one black rose and a jacob’s ladder. Thanks so much for your lots of present, Mikell!

Next to his house I’ve found a corn field, yay! 😀

And his main room was a cute fruit cafe ^^. I liked the fruit tables and the fruits upon them, they look so delicious! 🙂

Ohhh, a cool game centre in the back room! 😮 I’m waiting for some players to play Mahjongg! xD

Well playing Mario was also big fun xP. Hehe, Livs’ is also looking very excited!

Fooling around in Mikell’s bed. Ouch! My head, turn the other way around, Livs! 😛

Together with Mikell I’ve visited Kabuki. He’s a very cool neigbhour and I like him lots. Well, after that Wifi was lagging and finally crashed. As Mikell didn’t open again I’ve decided to open instead 😉 . Thanks a lot Mikell, for letting us visit! 😀

Royal came through the gates in this pretty hoody jacket! Awesome!

And ~Shania~ was there, wooot! It’s great to see you again, Shania! ^^

Livs filled my town and we had a lot of fun together, but I had to go soon.

Thanks for the great fun, Royal, Mikell, Livs and Shania!!! 😀



  1. in the very first picture with only you and Royal in it,what shirt was Royal wearing?it was very cute and I thought if i could look for it at able sisters it would match my pink roses :D!

    • Hi Demmitria ^^
      It’s a “Vogue Top” and should be at Ables some day, because it’s a “spring” shirt 😀

      • Wow. I never knew that SHIRTS change w/ the season. that’s truely amazing!

  2. hey mayu tonight i will deffinutly be aable to wi fi with you im also editing my house now :)) im gonna be a queen lol

  3. Hi, I’m Tom. I’ve recently started a blog/story site for my Adventures in my town of Kento. I’ve followed your site for a loooooong time, and this is my first comment. Unfortunatly I don’t have Wi-Fi, Although i’ve ordered the usb stick from Amazon, so I’ll have it within a month. Perhaps we could meet up then?
    Tom from Kento

    • Hi Tom and thanks for your comment and your regular visit! 😀
      It would be nice to meet you, whenever you got the USB stick feel free to leave your FC here ^^

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