Posted by: Mayu | March 5, 2010

My Elo fish ^^

This evening my town was quickly full again and as visitors I had:

From left to right: ♥Livs♥, (me), Elo with halo and Sean behind her, welcome you three! 😀

LOL! Elo used the walk through wall code to get into the tank of Fatty Brenda! Thanks for visiting her, xDD. 😆

Sean and me were waiting outside while Livs also had to see my Elo fish xP.

Well, Wifi crashed a lot again this night, and after the second crash I saw Sorcha’s gates open so I’ve thought I should pay her a visit ^^

Sean came also to France, but Sorcha was afk that time. Nevermind, we’ll wait a little for her ^^

Sean also tried his new code “walk through wall” or was it “ghost”, idk, but he moved VERY slowly but finally he was standing at the same spot, where I was, tee hee! We look funny 🙂 Now our name should be Mean or Siki xP

Sorcha also doesn’t look bad with Sean’s hair at the top :mrgreen:

Well I had to go as I was busy, but later on I came back and found them playing actively, yay. In the end we only chit-chatted a lot and I really enjoyed it.

Hope to see you soon again! 😀



  1. the picture of Elo in FB’s tank is so funny!!! i wonder, with the walk through walls code, i could put my sisters person by a shark >:D jk 😉

    • Haha poor sister xPP

  2. Elo,you have a blog or a website?

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