Posted by: Mayu | March 4, 2010

Eastern in BomberLu and Orange Juice in France

Tonight we had a guest came over in real life, so I couldn’t open around 8PM my time, sorry to all those people who have been waiting for me to open my gates. 😉

But around 9PM I finally found some time to let people come to Mitsukyo:

Miley from Miami was the first one, yay! 🙂

Followed by Jane and Livs ^^. Ha ha, all were lined up there xP.

Some other views of my visitors :):

Livs at the right and Jane behind her ^^

Oh later on Miley had to go and Lucky popped right after her in (at the very right) ^^

Here we are in Jane’s town BomberLu. Aww, you’ve put the easter basket patterns in your town! 😀

BomberLu is such a pretty town, everwhere you can find loads of flowers and very nice patterns ^^

Oh, the colourful easter basket isn’t bad either 🙂 I’ve never tried them out so it was new to me to see them really on the ground, thanks for that Jane 🙂

Lol, what’s up Jane? xD Something wrong with me? 😛 😆
Well, I had to go afk and when I came back I saw the blue screen of death 😦 . I was busy anyway so I stopped playing that time.

Later on at an unusual time for me (it was after 11PM) I’ve thought to take a look if someone is still open and found Sorcha!

Sorcha!!! ~♥ It has been such a long time x3. I was glad to see her again! 😀

I didn’t have much time left to play so Sorcha invited me to her house to have a quick overview ^^.

She remodeled her main room. And it’s not finished yet, as you can see there are still a lot of boxes lying around 😉

The kitchen was still my favourite room! 😀

And may I introduce you: that’s Sorcha’s pet goldfish named Orange Juice x3, such a cute name! 😉

Thanks for the fun, and I’ll try to open my gates tonight at 8PM again ^^



  1. awww what a cuuuttteee fishy!!!!!!!!! >////G its supposed to be a fish 😀

    • ahh now I get it, the >/////G should be the fish symbol, right? xD

      • well the > is the tail, the //// are the body, and the G is the head so, >////G yay fishy!!!!

  2. lol i went to mileys toen just before lol and got my hair done you wouldnt wanna see it lol wanna wifi tonight i have from about 7-7:30 to open my gates or visit u mayu and i can get off about 9:30

    • Argh, I missed you again! D’oh!

  3. i tried to visit you yesterday at 8 pm, but your town was full xD Maybe works today (is that sentence right?^^ sorry, i can’t speak english well ^^)

  4. i wish i could visit your town but i’m not that smart! my town looks beauiful now that its spring but the thing is I time travel too much so it’s april 2nd! XD

    • hi cheyanne ^^
      Aww April is a very lovely month, don’t you have pink trees now in your town? The cherry blossom time is so awesome in ACWW 😀

  5. That kitchen looks a lot like mine :mrgreen:

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