Posted by: Mayu | March 3, 2010

Meeting up ~Shania~, ♥Livs♥, Miley and Lucky

Again sorry for the late update, I’ve been really busy these days and can’t update my blog that often as I want to 😦

So here are some pics of Wednesday evening:

Today is girl’s day or princess day in Japan and on ACCF you were able to get some very nice DLC’s again, but here on ACWW … you get nothing, boo! 😛
But ♥Livs♥ came for a visit, and I think her clothes fits perfectly for today’s holiday 🙂

You have to look really close, that on this pic it’s ~Shania~ and not Livs xDD

Later on Lucky was also there, yay, full town again 🙂

Well, Wifi crashed as usual and this time Miley came instead of Shania. ^^
Haha, your face looks great, Livs xP

Miley and Lucky wore a bikini!! 😯 Oh my gosh, it’s still too cold to wear them xDD.

When Wifi crashed another time I saw Livs opening her gates, so I dropped in as I never was there before ;). Starvill has got a very cute entrance! 😀

Brrrr, poor froggies have still to live in an icy pond xP 😆

Aww, that were all pics what I’ve taken of your town, livs? Shame on me! 😦
I hope next time I’ll have more time to report about your town 😉

Thanks for your visits, girls! 😀


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