Posted by: Mayu | March 2, 2010

Meow: “Starve a fever and whack a cold…?” oO

Meow came for a visit tonight again! ^^ Wow, I like your pirate dress! 😮

I’ve told her that I’ve got a cold, so she whacked me! oO

She said that an old saying is:”Starve a fever and whack a cold!” , lol!
But it didn’t help at all and it looks like she’s feeling better now! Hey!! xD 😆

After we visited all neighbours in town we invaded Jenny’s town Hampton.
Oh, she’s offline, without being in chat or sleep mode :mrgreen:
Of course Meow and I were prepared for such a situation, muhihihihi xP

Oh no! How did she get into a pitfall?? 😮 🙄

La la la, burying is so much fun!

Ooooooooops!!! xDDD 😆 Not again! Sorry for being so clumsy Jenny 😛

Pat pat! Another one! :mrgreen:

Phhhhhtttt, awwwww, it was our mistake, soooo sorry!! 😳

Uh oh! She looks very angry now. Let’s head over to another town quickly xDD

In Fantasia I found Nancy sleeping in…

Roscoe’s bed!! XDDDD We laughed about that, that was sooo cute to see 😆

And this cool western room I’ve found in Nancy’s house ^^. Whoa, she uses flamingos as horses!! 😯

Annie also dropped by! Wooot! When I told her that I’ve got a cold… yes, you guessed it right, she whacked me also!! 😡 What a weird method to cure a cold in your state!! 😛

Oh look! Vesta has got the same fashion taste as me!! Yay! ~♥

Later on when Meow had to go, Debi came to Fantasia! Hiii! Long time no see! 😀 Then I headed over to Annie’s town to help her planting all the flowers into a special pattern, that they’ll breed hybrids. I was so busy with that that I only took one or two blurry pics of that… so no good ones to show you, I’m afraid. (omg, I sound like an English bubbling baby, that that that that lol!!)
Before I had to go I’ve also met

Maggie from Cloud9, it was also great to see you again ^^

Thanks for the fun and Jenny, I’ll get you a new shirt for next time, you must had a very dirty one yesterday, sorry about that 😉 😛



  1. Sorry about your cold!

    • Thanks a lot, I’m already feeling a lot better now ^^

  2. What state did that whack a cold thing come from?

    • Oh sorry, that’s not the real old saying, normally it would be: “Feed a cold and starve a fever”, but Meow changed it to have an excuse to whack me 😛

      • 😳 Wow. meow. good one. :mrgreen:

  3. wierd

  4. Aww I hope u get better soon.

    • Thanks Roi ^^

  5. mayu? ten lubs met ul ich en huerbz huit clockr yon ti? seice clockr menn ti? yoo liev non makur?

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