Posted by: Mayu | March 1, 2010

Whoa! Thanks again Paige! So generous!

I had Miley, ♥Livs♥ and Paige over tonight and we had a lot of fun ^^

Livs laughed about all my turnips in my house, she said it’s crazy xD

And here is Paige, she can do a cool emotion, look here:

Aww, isn’t she cute, while she’s sleeping on the ground? xD 😆

And Miley also had a very cute shirt on today ^^.

We soon decided to go to Paige’s town Rosewood. 🙂

Lol, do you notice something different on this pic? XDD We were surprised to see that 😛

But Rosetown is such a pretty town, she’s planted a lot of hybrids spread over the town, I loved that!

Lol! Paige isn’t a white turnip freak like me, but a red turnip one! Nice garden lol!

Aww, such nice money trees in front of her house. And she’s got also a bulletin board right next to it 😀

Paige just fetched some patterns of my Ables and now her rooms look also different with froggy wallpaper and froggy floor xD. But it’s not bad ^^

As bathroom it was even nicer 😀

Later on Paige guided us to this present area and we were allowed to take two of them

Thanks a lot! 🙂 I had a bonfire and a stove as gifts, yay!

But that wasn’t the only present, here we could fetch some bell bags (99k each!) 😮 and after that she offered us even red and white turnips!
Thanks so much Paige, that’s really generous and kind of you! ~♥

Before we had to go, a group pic ^^

This was Paige’s turn to take a pic, we all said “Cheeese!” 🙂 And look at her townflag, how cool is that! 😮

I hope to see you all soon again!! 😉



  1. So many red turnips, imagine watering all those every day :O
    I really like how the bathroom looks with the froggy walls and floor but I don’t think I’d like all those froggy eyes staring at me while I’m on the toilet or in the bathroom… 😛
    Paige’s town is really nice!
    Btw, in the town flag, who is in the picture, is it just a random pattern off the internet or was it taken and designed by her? It’s cool! 😀

    • Haha, all frogs are staring at you yes XDD
      I think she said it was a Dr. Who pattern and I assume she used anicro to make it, because such realistic views of photos is almost impossible to design it by yourself 😉

      • no no whats anicro?? yes the pattern is the doc n rose of dr who and i did design it myself as i dunno what anicro is?? it took bout 1hr 30mins

        • You did it by yourself? 😮 That’s awesome!! Anicro is a program that converts pictures to a pattern, when you have photos as originals this program is really helpful.

    • yeah its annoying for me they have wilted now i need to plant more lol

  2. I ❤ ❤ the bathroom it's all froggy and they look so cute ❤ !!!!!

  3. its not crazy livs! its mikis method of making money.

  4. Hey !
    Your Blog is so cool.
    But, i can’t speak good english, because i come from Switzerland, but i read your blog everyday !

    Maybe, we can meet us in Animal Crossing WW?
    I have WiFi (:
    If you say yes, i can read my Codes here.

    Pocca (:

    • Aww thanks a lot for visiting me so much, Pocca (what a cute name x3)
      Yes, please leave your fc here, I’ll add you with Miki. (look for Miki’s FC on “My ACWW stats”)
      Hope to see you soon 😀

  5. I give you the FC of Candy, because Pocca is my lastest (?) Player and she has not so much items, outfits etc. ^^
    Okay, here the FC:

    Name: Candy
    Country/City: Fifital
    FC: 3996 8510 8324

    I add you now!

    When can you meet me?

    • Thanks Pocca, I’ve already added you with Miki ^^
      My gates are open right now, come over at any time (unless it’s not full 😉 )

  6. Sorry, i see your message only now ^^
    There was your door closed ^^

  7. Mayu your gates are open but lots of people are playing with you and I can’t go 😦 (ohhhh) (sighs) maybe next time 😦

  8. hi myu can we wifi tonight ben was at drama last night so i couldnt wi fi if so open your gates at urr 7-7:30 british time pleaseee my blog is bare and i need some photos to fill the greatest buddies paige im making

    • Oops sorry I couldn’t play at that time because we had a visitor in real life, sorry!!

  9. Hey rosewood i’m from British can you add me I’ll add you

  10. when has mayu the gates open?
    she writes her gates are everyday on 8 pm open, but now are her gates closed o.o

    • Oh sorry Pocca, we had visitors in real life and I wasn’t able to open my gates at 8PM. Sorry about that. 😦

  11. No Problem 😉

  12. Omg. that is what I call a TOWN!!!
    i LOOOOOVE the bulletin board! that is Kool with a capital K

    • thanks i got the bulletin board by usin animalmap :))

  13. mayu everytime I see your gates open I clik it but it keeps saying something bout a manual but I tried it with other pple and it works please help me 😦

    • Ohhh, you too?? 😦 I also saw your gates open (either Friday or Saturday) and tried more than 10 time to get into your town but all I get was an 86420 error code, boo! 😥
      I fear, that we aren’t able to visit each other, I had this problem once too with another friend, and only by accident we were able to visit each other once, but most of the time Copper just didn’t let us through… *sigh*
      Sorry for that, I’ll still keep you in my roster and all we can do is just hoping, that next time it will be better! 😦

      (in my opinion that problem has something to do with our routers. Maybe they don’t fit each other, I just can’t explain, why some people never get the chance to meet each other, while with other friends there’s no problem 😕 )

  14. Wow, p!nk. thats a very cool carpet design in your house. 🙂

    • why is this in the rong page? wierd. i thought i put this comment where i wanted it to be

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