Posted by: Mayu | February 28, 2010

T-Rex’s lullaby oO

Argh, sorry that I couldn’t update my blog at all in the last three days, I was just too busy to get on my computer… 😦
And Friday evening and saturday evening I also wasn’t able to play ACWW over Wifi, I hope this week will be better.
But yesterday I’ve found some time to open my gates:

And I didn’t have to wait for long and Herti-pi came through the gates, yay! 😀

But also Jane from BomberLu! Finally I’ve met her, because I’ve had some shirts for her and kept carrying it for several days now. So soon after I gave them to her, I saved our gameplay just in case Wifi might crash 😉

~Shania~ filled my town and we chit-chatted a while, but not for long – because, yes you guessed it right, Wifi crashed! MEEEH! 👿

I’ve opened my gates again and this time I had Herti-pi, Miley and ♥Livs♥ in Mitsukyo ^^.

Lol, this picture reminds me that Herti-pi saw me combined with Vesta in this scene xD. So she took a pic of it and I’m looking forward of how it looks like Herti! Because as you can see, I just saw it normal xDD

Oh my, Cube has already packed his stuff again. That was a short stay here in town. Well, I really need to update my ACWW stats, there has been a lot of new neighbours lately in Mitsukyo! (Sometimes I’m too lazy to change it all the time, sry about that xP)

Livs said that she had to go offline, because she will take a bath.

So Herti and me gave her a bath on ACWW, too! :mrgreen:

Later on we went fishing, I really enjoy fishing ^^. And tomorrow we’ve another new month, that means new fish and bugs again, woooot!

Then we decided to pay Herti’s town Outback a visit! Wow, she’s already changed her winter patterns to spring patterns, awesome! 😀

And I liked this fish star constellation in the sky x3. Looks like it’s playing football with the moon 😆

When I entered Herti’s house I’ve found this:

😯 😯 Whoa, Herti! A T-Rex in front of your bed?? Do you like horror films?? xD 😆 I laughed a lot when I saw that!

It really gives you the creep, when you’re lying in bed, haha!! 😆 But such an awesome idea!! 😀

Aww this wallpaper is also very very lovely! 😀
But soon I had to go as it was already late for me. Thanks for all my great ACWW friends who visited me tonight, I had a lot of fun! ~♥



  1. I love the trex facing in the bed it looks so cool that’s a good idea

  2. The T-rex must’ve given you nightmares if you slept in there for a night!

  3. ^u^ The Trex is a very cute…yet horrifying ^_^ idea!

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