Posted by: Mayu | February 24, 2010

Blonde is in…?

At 8PM I was able to open my gates punctually and I didn’t have to wait for long and Acke and Sean were my first visitors of the evening ^^

You both have the same hair style/colour! 😀 Oh and Sean, guess what I’ve got in my bag…

The same shirt! lol! And together with the crown (I’ve fetched it quickly of my cupboard before) we have a pair look! :mrgreen:

Later on Lucky also dropped by! Hi!! 😀 Oh wow, you’re blonde too, I’m the only odd one xP

Tickle-tickle-tickle! Lucky was tortured by me and thought she couldn’t get off of the sunlounger, but actually she only had to go to the left side xP

Soon Acke had to go home, but Miley came instead! Aww she’s really a pretty girl ~♥

Having a good time together! x3

Whack! Achooo! Swooosh! Boing! 😆

Thanks for the great evening!! ^^



  1. OMG thats so weird i just changed my hair to blonde yesterday

  2. Blone is in! YAAAAAAY!

    • please open asap pal! Kattttttieeeee feeevvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

      • katie needs 2 go 2 your town

  3. opening now

  4. creepy.. i just realized.. the 24th is when i changed to blonde too. 😯

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