Posted by: Mayu | February 24, 2010

Acke♪ and Tickan☆♥

This afternoon I’ve had a date with Acke and his sister Tickan 🙂 .
Yay, this time I’ll have enough time to explore his town Aritia, last time he was sleeping offline there and I didn’t want stay that long xP

Hi Acke! It’s nice to see you again! 😀

I liked this pattern and today is our last snow day! I can’t wait for tomorrow 😉

While we were exploring his house, his sister Tickan came through the gates, yay!

Tickan, nice to meet you! 😀 It’s our first time today 🙂 Isn’t she cute? x3

I’ve brought some flowers as presents, there are many orange pansies growing lately in my town.

Acke and Tickan showed me all their pretty pattern, but…
what happened to your eye, Acke?!? 😯 😆

Tee hee, Tickan has got the water pattern still in another colour pattern, because it wasn’t done yet. But it also looks quite cool in these dark colours! 😀

Later on I invited them to come to Mitsukyo as I didn’t have much time left.

Tsk! Cheeky Acke! While I was trying to dig out the crack in front of me, Acke ran on it and stood there for a while! 😡 :mrgreen:

Soon I had to go and this was my last pic of the afternoon.
Thanks for the fun Acke and Tickan, I enjoyed it a lot!! ^^



  1. Lol! check out my eye!

  2. Nice

  3. 🙂 oh hi Link

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