Posted by: Mayu | February 23, 2010

Jaimee, ke♪sha and Bubbi

… were my early morning visitors today ^^

Jaimee came first but she didn’t feel good today, she’s sick… Awww 😦 I hope you feel soon better!!

And the girl left of me is ke♪sha, you also know her as Rihanna, she restarted her town recently 🙂

My last visitor was Bubbi, hii, wow what a nice dress you’re wearing! 😮

Slurp!! ke♪sha ate an apple (or was it a cherry, idk lol) and she really enjoyed it as you can see xD.

We did nothing special, just chit-chatting a lot!! It was great fun though! 😀

A last group pic of us ^^

Hope to see you soon again, Jaimee, ke♪sha and Bubbi!! ^^

PS: Btw, ke♪sha also started a new blog and will also post about this meeting soon.
Take a look at:

Thank you 😉 !



  1. when are we goona have a competion

    • In the next few days I’ll announce it (maybe tomorrow)

  2. Hey !
    Your Blog is so cool.
    But, i can’t speak good english, because i come from Switzerland, but i read your blog everyday !

    Maybe, we can meet us in Animal Crossing WW?
    I have WiFi (:
    If you say yes, i can read my Codes here.

    Pocca (:

  3. Dear, Mayu/Yuki/Miki/Haru:
    You are invited to my wedding with ::Troy:: (in-game) you might not know him very well but he is a sweet, non-seeding, well-mannered boy, the wedding will take place TOMMOROW at 3:15 p.m., thankyou

    i really would be happy if you could come as im having an afterparty, and the town it will be taking place is in my town called River Le the after-party will stop about half-3.

    xoxo Jens.

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