Posted by: Mayu | February 23, 2010

Fishing fun with Meow, Nancy, Nicola and Annie

I had another relaxing evening with my adult friends again ^^

Aww Meow, do you have an eye infect? Or did a duck bite you again xP.

We visited all my neighbours like Yuka…

…or Vesta! Meow was glad to see all her presents she gave to Vesta still displayed in her room. And they were all those items at the wall but the checkered shirt! 😯

We went fishing to catch the coelacanth :). The girl at the left side is Nancy from Fantasia! I enjoyed your visit and was happy to see you again, Nancy ^^

Bah, only a dab, Nancy?? Well this good looking fish shape at the right was also only a seabass, booo! 👿

When Nancy had to go Nicola from Peekaboo(left) and Annie from Newton(right) dropped by, wooot! 😀

Tee hee! I’ve caught a cute koi! And look, Nicola is just throwing her bait into the river ^^

All tried to catch a fish from the bridge 😆

Meow and I were showing off our tunas xP, Annie only said “awwww, poooo!” 😆 Sorry about that Annie xDD
And all in all we haven’t found any coelacanth, pshaw!

Thanks for coming over♫



  1. Miki this is just a sugestion but why don’t you get the English version of animal crossing aswell I have got 2 types of the English the 1.0 version and the 1.1 version ^^

    • Oh, I could easily change my game to English mode when I only change the language of my DS, but…
      I’m used to play in German and don’t want to change it to English xP haha

  2. hehe nice glasses ^^

  3. I’ve always wondered why those glasses make my chara’s nose look like Rudolph lol

    • want to add me?

  4. No thanks

    • why?

  5. I only add a few people, people I know well or who have lots of reccomendations

    • ohhhhh….

  6. me laitt cochh koi? u damm hellp mey?

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