Posted by: Mayu | February 22, 2010

Meeting Nicola up again ^^

Hi! 🙂
I just wanted to show you a few pics I did at Nicola’s town Peekaboo :D.

Her town is a beautiful pastel coloured town, I really liked the flag there 🙂

That’s Nicola’s favourite neighbour: Nana! She moved from Newburg to Peekaboo 😉

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I was only about 15 min in Peekabo then had to leave soon 😉

It was a greaft afternoon, thanks Nicola!! 😀



  1. Toll aber kurz 😉

  2. Wow!! nana!! was nana created by AR, or one of those toys R us thingys?
    and Nicola, you look so: cute, alive, well, sunny, the list is endless, u too mayu!!

  3. Na? ich bin Elia aus England. Jetzt ist Germany mien Zuhause!

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