Posted by: Mayu | February 22, 2010


Yay, it was a busy evening again ^^. I travelled throughout the Western world and it all begun here in Germany:

Sean and Lucky came over!! 😀

Followed by Paige from Rosewood! Hii, it’s great to see you again! ^^

Tee hee, I was posing for Paige’s picture, too x3

And Lucky and Sean just look good today 😉 (I’m kinda…tired…? xP :lol:)

Sean changed his haircolour and I’ve found some spare pink tulips for Paige ^^

And we had a nice fishing competition together :D. But I’ve only caught boring odd fish like seabass, horse makerel or seabutterfly :P.

Then we wanted to go to Paige’s town, I’ve been waiting a good while, but didn’t see her open, aww! But Sean, who also was waiting for her, did open his town instead, so let’s head over to United Kingdom 😀

Haha! It’s really amazing to see your crazy coloured town again xD. But Sean wants to get rid of it and started to chop down the trees. And when we buried the trunks out, we saw a black hole!! 😮 So that was Sean talking about yesterday, it really looks weird!! xP Oh btw, the girl standing there is Miley ^^

Behind Sean you can see Lucky. She was excited to see all these lovely trees, especially this green glowing ones were her favourites ^^. So Sean didn’t chop them down yet as long she’s there ;).
And do you see the blue sparkling crack on the ground??? 😆

Even the weed is colourful, hahaha! xP

Sean said when he was in my town that all my clovers also looked different for him! So I went back to fetch some and bring them to Mbro!
Oh wow, you’re right, they look like little withered rafflesia somehow :mrgreen:

A close-up pic of Miley 🙂

It was really great to see your town again Sean! 😉 I left Mbro because I saw Paige’s town finally open when I picked up my clovers and I felt bad that we weren’t in Rosewood…but I was too late again, she already has closed her gates when I tried to come over… argh! Sorry Paige!! xP

Well, next to Sean’s town I also saw Roi’s town Japan!
So, my next trip brought me over the big sea to USA!! 😀

Hii Roi (right)!! And Jane (left)!! It’s cool to meet you up again! 😀
And what an interesting black road lol!

Ah! I can read the flag! It’s written on the red side in Japanese and it’s “Nihon” – “Japan” :D. What’s on the black side? RKK…?

I strolled over her town and on many places I’ve found the froggies again!! xD
I think we have a worldwide frog problem now?? They’re invading our towns, be aware!!! xP 😆

Inside her house I’ve found this ant nest! 😮 But place it more on the table Roi, it’s standing really dangerously on the edge!! EEK!

A cool black room can be found in the back room! 😀

And it was fun rolling over her bed! xD

Here we decided to pay also Jane’s town BomberLu a visit ^^.

So, let’s go to Canada!!

In BomberLu I’ve also met Julie from AbbeyRd again!! 😀
Haha, since you’ve announced your break you’ve been playing more ACWW than before!!! xD 😆 But that is because she still is snowed in in real life, she told us 😉

Together with Roi we farteddid our flower emotions!! :mrgreen:

Yay, a coelacanth! Is it still the one you caught in my town Jane?
Anyway nice to see one in your house ^^ And don’t look so suspicious, I won’t take him home! xPP
After a short while I had to go, sry to leave you that soon, Jane, Julie and Roi 😳

That was my wonderful evening full of ACWW meetings. Thanks a lot, I really enjoyed it ^^



  1. lol! That’s a long post!!! 😮

  2. Awww, I’m so honoured that everyone likes my frogs! xD

  3. that’s kool. i wish my town was
    THAT amazing… :C

  4. 😀 jaimee, well dun!

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