Posted by: Mayu | February 21, 2010

Short update: Everything is ok!

Hi dear blog readers,

thanks for all your nice comments and also a lot of private comments, I’ll answer them asap.
I just wanted you to know, that my son was able to deseed my town, Nookingtons is now away! 😀 😀
Luckily my gate is still there, we had the fear that it might be gone too when he was trying to get rid of Nookingtons ;).
So I’m happy and can play also over Wifi again, I couldn’t get into my gates at all before xP.

I made my own decision who is going to be deleted from my roster, I know for sure that it can’t be Jane (I have been playing with her for over several months and she’s soo nice to everyone!!).



  1. Gut das alles wieder okay ist 🙂 Freu mich für dich 😉

  2. Good

  3. YES , thank you 😀

  4. Ich war hete zum ersten Mal auf deiner FAQ
    Echt toll!

    • Danke 😉

  5. see, look at that mayu handled it by herself, not by brutally commenting to kill people LOL claire/sorcha just kidding

  6. Whew…. whatta relief!
    BOTHER coming back you seeder and your gonna expierience Pitfall HELL

  7. yay! the seed is gone! i just hope im not deleted…true i was there but i didnt do it!

    • fucking shit.

      • um…look at the date I posted that?

  8. Soooo glad to hear that you got everything back to normal Miki!! 😀

    Good luck with everything and stay away from the seeders!!! 😈 😆

    Take care & Hope to see ya sometime ❤ Love, Julie 😛

    • thx Julie 😉

  9. Good luck with it all and hope tto se youh aroundd xx

    love shania xx

  10. halleluiah!! mayu’s town is saved!!! it still worries me about what happened, someone to have seeded mayu… i thought here we were all safe from that. i guess not. now we have all learned to be more weary of the people on our rosters i guess

  11. Thank god!!!!

  12. OH GOOD, your town is deseeded yayyyy i was really worried!!!!! i hope that the seeder doesnt do it again OR ELSE!!!!!!!!!! BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN TO THEM!!!!!!

  13. how do you get wifi? do you need something for it?

    • Check my FAQ page, I’ve tried to explain it there 😉

      • thanks ^^

  14. thats good mayu could you plz add me again btw its rihanna my fc is on my site ty if any1 wants 2 add me go to my site leave a comment saying uve added me and ill add u! ok cyaa later

  15. Ah hem hey I’m a seeder ur yelling her to stay away from me!?

    • yea but you wouldnt seed mayu i would seed her hacker so bad the ds would break im sooo angry

      • is he saying he is the hacker?

    • You’re a hacker, not a seeder! A seeder would be in my opinion a person, who leaves a seed to other towns to destroy it. A hacker is a person for me, who likes to change his own town, so his town is hacked. 😉

      • sry. anyway. i think he is saying that he is the seeder. thx for the correction! 🙂

        • No Icicle, Sean doesn’t say that he seeded my town lol. It wasn’t him xP
          Argghh irritating, I know lol!!

          • okidoki.

  16. Yea I am a hacker

  17. OMG Mayu I can’t believe someone would seed your town! You are so nice and sweet, why would anyone be so mean??? I hope you have figured out who it was and gave them a negative feedback on ACC at least! I’m really glad you were able to save your town, I would have no idea what to do if it was me!

    I bet none of Yuki’s friends would ever seed your town. 😉

    • Thanks gluxbox, I still haven’t found out who the seeder was but I made my own decision ;). It was a first experience with seedings for me and I must admit, although I’ve heard a lot of it and also expected that it would happen to me sometime too, it was still a big shock ! xP

  18. Liv doesn’t have AR, so Mayu, are you blaming it all on Damian?

  19. jamiee r u still on??

  20. Awesome 😀

  21. Bah, I totally missed this whole fiasco of yours! >_< I'm so sorry you got someone bad enough to seed your town! And you especially, since you contribute so much to the rest of the ACWW community 😦
    But it's such a relief your son knows how to sort these things out T_T I'm glad it turned out okay for you in the end ^__^

    • Thanks for your kind words Teru, and yes, I’m also glad everything is ok now ^^


    I do NOT think it was Damian. He seems honest, and genuine about the situation, and backs himself up most of the time, and especially on this occasion.

    • Hm… you’re sticking up for Damian… for me this is getting even more suspicious that YOU put him up to it.
      I think you were both pissed off with mayu that you both decided to work together to seed her town. Damian has the ar, all you needed to do, was to clear your name!
      You apologised on our blog, the same day mayu posted (Im not entirely sure if she posted it for that night (20th) or for the 19th), now you say it wasnt damian? Even though he’s the ONLY one who has AR.
      And I think Im right.

      • How dare you?! Lola is kind and honest, and she would never use her AR against anyone! She is simply too sweet and fun a person to do this sort of thing! Mayu hasn’t pissed her off in any way, it can’t’ve been Lola.
        And Damian? Well, he’s acting all sweet about it, which makes me want to believe he didn’t do it..
        But Mayu pissed him off by constantly deleting him off her roster, so I think it might’ve been him. That’s the only possibility. (I’m sorry for breaching your privacy, Mayu)At a few WiFi sessions back, Mayu told me she was kind of angry at Damian for being so demanding…
        Delete this comment if you want, Mayu. I’m just trying to prove a point..
        But that seems like the only possibility. I don’t believe Lola was involved in this in any way.


        • thankYOU Jamie ❤

          Claire/Sorcha whatever, just stfu okays.
          Think you're a detective or something, have a brain, it's not your hypothesis, its Mayus at the end of the day. The person who got seeded.

          The whole thing is over now, and thats what you should do too, GET OVER IT.

          There was no damage , but in the long run, Mayu (and I don't want this to seem bitchy) got the experience, and knows what to do next time it happens.

          • Urgh! Jaimee!! You havent seen the comments Ive had to delete off my blog!!!!!! Mayu AND Claire can both back you up for this!

            • Yes that was really horrible xP. But I’m glad it’s over now 🙂

              • hey mayu are u opening today>? coz i can wifi now

                • I’m already open and added kesha! 🙂
                  but you still have red triangle!!

        • Jaimee? This Lola is not the Lola from homee we know! The Lola here commenting is another one! She has got a totally different IP adress and had a lot of other names on my blog like Kiki, Anonymous, Mel, Leia, Cathey, Rebecca A…
          She’s not the Lola from Homee 😉

          • oh ty for that mayu i thort it was! thanks

          • Ohhhhh, sorry, I didn’t realise! EEek, I got scared.

            That’s good, though.

            Glad you fixed it 😀

      • Oh look now, the person who shifted the blame onto 2 different individuals.

  23. but everyone can still see it. =P

  24. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! guys plz any1 who hacked her town TELL THE TRUTH! DAMIAN im sure it was you my opinion but guys i mean like we r not stopping till we find out who did this and damian U ARE DEMANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry to be mean but i dont force ppl to play and damian when i visited ur town u left me out and was a meanypoop to me and i never liked u since ! sorry but im not stopping till i find out WHO DID THIS HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY HERE!!! visit my blog im making an investigation on who did this!~wooo go kesha cya pce out mayu rocks !

  25. I [personally] think everyone is taking this too seriously. I mean, of course it’s awful Mayu was seeded. Why would anyone do it? Mayu is so kind, what on earth drove them into seeding her?

    But, seriously, it’s all “Damian did it” and I was reading the above comments, and Sorcha said-“Lola, I think you put Damian up to it!” [no offence Sorcha].

    This is just one big blame-game we will never find the answer to because no one will probably ever own up. I mean, even if it WAS Damian, or even if it was just Mayu to get the publicity, [though OF COURSE it wasn’t Mayu] no one will ever own up because they will feel to ashamed.

    Maybe they’d be to nervous if Mayu posted something like “It’s ok, guys! [person] has told me they’ve done it! Damian, I’m adding you back to my roster and I deeply apologise!”. They wouldn’t want everyone to know.

    Finally, maybe someone HAS told Mayu? Maybe Mayu now KNOWS, though we don’t know and keep making assumptions.


    • lol thanks Tilly for your comment, but I can assure you that I really don’t know yet who it was, no one confessed her-/himself in any comment or private comment, so I had to decide myself what to do 😉 Otherwise I would really have told my readers about that! I don’t like the big discussion here either, because it won’t help and what happened that just happened. I’m just glad it’s back to normal again, so let’s keep up with normal game play 😉

      • Yes, I really want everyone to just get back to normal…but, it’s a shame that I can’t wifi anymore. I am so PISSED OFF.

      • Mayu! OMG! We might be getting wired internet back because as well as me disliking it, my sister REALLY hates it! *fingers crossed*

        • Yay, that would be great!! 😀

          • Sorry Mayu, Dad says it’s never going to happen. 😦
            Omg >.>
            I so wanted to see your town in spring… 😥

            • Aawwwwwwwwwww, Tilly!!!! I want to meet you up again!!! 😦 😦
              Was it the other connection when you came last time to my town? And now you’ve got wireless router, but can’t connect to it?
              😦 I wish I could help you somehow!!!

  26. SSooooooooooooooo.. whodunit?

  27. 3 p.m., your time? its just 10 o’ on myne

    • AM or PM? Are you from USA?

      • yep. p.m.

  28. 4get this! im closing

  29. omg i did not say all that thats a fake lola i would never seed u mayu

    • I know that Lola 😉 And this Lola wasn’t seeding either! I think she didn’t want to be a “fake”-Lola, maybe her real name is Lola too? We don’t know 😉

  30. its probbly damian why would someone say that it wasnt damain only he would so it makes it look like its not him.

    • … 😥

      • OK I’m sorry Damian I got a bit carried away and I was angry the time I wrote that I thought it was you because you did get a bit angry at me with AR so I’m sorry :]

  31. Damian J. uses AR does he?? shuda re-read the last post >.> so becuase Damian J./ace/blue the hacker seeds other(s) towns, my gates are closed for a couple of days.

    😦 i soooo apoligise to: ElLe, Layler, Rosa, Milllee, Dawn, Sherri, Acarcka, Dennis D., becuase i know how much you wanted to visit my towns halloween party tommorow, and now something terrible happned to mayu usong AR, and you all have AR, ill have to invite: lulo, Dyla, !Terria! only to my party becuase they dont have AR, 😦 😦 ill still open for them but after tommorows 8o’clock halloween party, my town will NOT be open for at least 3 weeks, so sorry, i feel like locking myself in a cubicle and having a good whinge, i really dont know if im going to open for even maybe 7 weeks, i guess its just luck of the draw with seeders/hackers nowadays. 😦 *sigh*

    Well, in that seven weeks it’s gonna be bonfire night, but sadly becuase im closed for 7weeks there is really no point bothering to invite people this year 😦

    I don’t know wether im going to bother even for christmas and newyear anyway, cos everyones to busy un-wrapping presents and enjoying hot cocoa and waching ”christmas caroll” i dont even know wether ill get any time to play in the holiday season, same with easter, people are to busy gathering at church, and chomping chocolate eggs, without people to play it feels like the world has ended for me *deep sigh* 😦

    people wont even bother at summer and spring, spring is when people go for long walks and tame baby lambs, no time to play acww! summer, too busy whaching sunset eh? again no time to play,

    So mayu, i guess this is time to say goodbye to 7wks of wi-fi, so, GOODBYE!

    *sobs* :(((((((

  32. Phew. Good luck avoiding seeders

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