Posted by: Mayu | February 18, 2010

Two blonde and two red haired girls

Today is thursday morning again and I opened my gates as usually around 9AM to let my Australian and Korean friends visit me in Mitsukyo.

Bubbi from Kawaii was long time my first and only visitor :D. You know her also as Razina from Riverlea, but she recently had to restart her town, so now she’s Bubbi 😉

Later on Tilly dropped by! Hii! I can’t imagine Tilly without this moustache now XD

What the heck? Tilly had to take a bath, so she went offline! But she’s blocking my door!! 😡 Oh and Bubbi changed her hair into this blonde ponytail 😀

But revenge is sweet, we also gave her an ACWW bath :mrgreen: 😆
Oops, she’s looking quite angry on this pic! oO

Aaaaahhh!! She’s mad now, very mad!!! 😯

CRACK! CRASH! Axe broken!! Na na na na naaaa na~! 😛

I had to fix my town tune… someone of my last visits had changed the ending of it?? xDD I was wondering why Rod is singing the town tune so bad in the end but when I’ve heard also a weird town tune when the clock was at full hour I noticed that somebody must have changed it! xP Who was it!?! 😛 😈

Lol, Tilly was also at Harriets and now we’re two pigtailed and three pigtailed girls xP

Over an hour later Rihanna also came for a visit! 😀

We chit-chatted a lot and look, we are two blonde and two red haired charas but with all different hairstyles, although the pairs are very similar 😉

Sorry that I had to go offline after this and when I came back I noticed that Wifi has crashed, but I couldn’t open my gates anymore as I was too busy.
See you next tuesday again 😉



  1. i wonder where jaimee was…o.o

  2. hey Mayu! its Alex71335. My game broke and my mom said i needed to study for stanford so i was sooo busy but my mom told me if i passed, i would get a Wii with ACCF which is my favorite game now! I will be deleting my website and gonna be making one only for accf called:
    Plz come check it out! i promise ill log in daily! plus i already added u!But i want u, if u may, delete Alex71335 Accw to my new sit blog!

    • I’ll change it and I’ve left a comment, ty alex ^^


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