Posted by: Mayu | February 18, 2010

Blog advertising #4

Argh, it has been almost one year ago when I’ve done my last advertisement for all the nice ACWW or ACCF blogs, which can be found in my blogroll! 😛

This time I want to show you some special posts of my blog partners, which I liked very much or which you should really see – so these are my favourites in the last few weeks ^^:


I was so fascinated by this post, because Teru posted an amazing pic of Smeralda, you will be surprised to see the full beauty of the tent!! A must look!! 😀 But of course all the other posts are full of really awesome pics and interesting stories,too, just check it out 🙂

Life in Halcyon by nummyrice

This blog of nummyrice is quite new and he reports about his ACCF life from the very beginning and is really a busy blog writer. This post I liked a lot because it shows a really interesting shirt of Bunnie… click on it and it will reveal you Bunnie’s secret xD :lol:. Nummyrice is really a great storyteller, check also the other posts, I’ve learned a much about ACCF, too there 😀

Claire and Sorcha’s AC:WW Blog

You know all Claire and Sorcha ^^. Together they’ve created an awesome blog about their ACWW adventures. This post they’re talking about having fun in squashing their neighbours, click above to see their funny pics xD. Of course you’ll find a lot of other nice pages there, too! 😀

Herti-pi’s ACWW blog

Herti-pi is a wonderful talented girl, who can create such a lot of awesome ACWW patterns!! When you look on my Icons&Pattern page, you’ll find a lot of beautiful patterns for your town there, but she has also got an own blog! When you click on this pic you’ll find her newest designed patterns there and the best thing is, you can always ask her to do some patterns for you :D. But not only designs can be found there, but also a really cute acww diary with lots of photos. Enjoy it! 🙂

Shania & Julie’s AC:WW Adventures!

This duo are also one of my best ACWW friends and they are working hard for their blog. They posted a lot about their adventures and it’s always great fun to read them. But they’re really busy lately and Julie also thinks to take a break, click on these two pics to get their latest info!! 😀

My ACWW Journal by Jaimee

Ohh, I know Jaimee for a long time and I also think I’ve already mentioned her blog in my last blog advertisement? This post of her was also really amusing, actually she was torturing me xP. Have a look for the full report! 😛
And the frog patterns at her design page are really famous and popular. You can’t imagine how many people asked for that frog pattern and it’s a real click hit in the last few weeks, haha! Very nice girl and cute blog! Recommended!

CocaCola’s ACWW diary

Now we come to CocaCola’s blog and she has recently announced a new pattern contest!! 😀 😀
The prizes aren’t written down yet, but she said, there will be some prices, so check her blog by clicking on this pic. The theme of it is Eastern!! ^^
Fingers crossed for all of you! :mrgreen:

Shaolin’s 2010 Mr. Snowman Snowslam! by gluxbox

EEEEK! Another contest reminder!! Don’t forget to look at this awesome snowman contest held by gluxbox!! You’ve only got 1 week left to send her your best snowman pictures either of ACCF or ACWW!
For further information click on this pic ^^ and good luck to you too!!

It’s all about DS by Leesh

This post is made by Leesh, my adult ACWW friend. 🙂 It has a special meaning for her, as it is her last ACWW post before she’s going into a big break until summer. So read about her last preparations and look also to her other posts, it’s really a wonderful created blog and you’ll also find a lot of other reports about DS games that she has been playing lately like Cooking Mama ;).

My Life + Animal Crossing! by Jenny

Dun…dun… DUN!!! Have you ever wondered what will happen, when it’s close to 6AM, and you’re standing in front of the townhall and you KNOW, that soon Redd’s tent will show up?!? :mrgreen:
Well, that’s the chance to see this awesome video made by Jenny to get the answer!! xD So funny, awesome!! 😆

AC:WW Diary by rocker3

Rocker3 is also a good old ACWW friend of me, who I have met only once or twice over Wifi (because our time difference is really difficult) but is also blogging for a real long period of time now and she just deserves to be mentioned in this post ^^. The post I’m linking to is really interesting, I’ve never seen such an HRA letter before and looks like a weird bug xP.
Check it out and please also leave a comment, she’ll appreciate it a lot :D. Thanks you ^^

Nicole’s acww notebook

I know Nicole as a very nice and fair ACWW player and she also put a lot of effort into her blog ^^. Although she’s not posting that much lately you have to check for example this HUGE ACWW Hints, tips and cheats post on her blog (just click on pic). She would be also very happy when you leave some notes to her ^^.

ACWW Land by Jess

Jess’s blog is a very new but also very cute blog which she has started in January. So don’t expect a lot of posts there, but I saw this nice bell making tips on her blog! It describes very well how to earn good money at the beginning of your gameplay and Jess is also planing to show some videos and patterns on her blog, so let’s see what she’s going to do there ;).
Thumbs up! 😀

Emsyjane’s acww news

Emsyjane is another really nice old ACWW friend, who posted a lot about her ACWW adventures. Although she’s not posting that much anymore (due to lack of visitors) I hope to see some new posts from her again, maybe when people are also coming back to her blog by clicking on this pic? 😉 Well I’ve picked out this post, because it was really interesting to see a complete black house. More pics and info about that you can find on her blog!! 😀

Animal Crossing Wild World – Blog by Jojo

Jojo is a German ACWW player and her sweet blog is written in German, but I mention her anyway, because she made some really cool ACWW cards of paper! Click on this pic and you’ll see what I mean! 😀 Pictures can be understood by everyone! 😉

It´s my life by Leo

Leo, aka Topia I’ve met in 2008, so we know each other for almost 2 years!! She came back to ACWW recently again and also made a new blog about her adventures. ^^ It’s also written in German, but you can always leave a comment in English, she’ll understand it and can also talk to you in English :).
The post I’m showing you is about her awesome blue path pattern in her town Karity! 😀

A lot of other nice and recommended ACWW/ACCF blogs are:

I know, every blog I’ve added on my blogroll deserve to be introduced by me like the other blogs before, but my post will be blown up too much if I do that with all the rest lol. So I give you only the pure links to the blogs, just click on the pics to get there ^^.

By the way, I don’t know if you all know this, but I remove blogs from my blogroll, which haven’t been updated for the last three months. I don’t want to recommend dead blogs and also don’t want a super long list at the sidebar, so that’s why I’ve chosen this way of blog-adding rules, I hope you understand.
Thanks for reading this post so far and I hope you have found some nice other blogs ^^

See ya, Mayu!

ACWW blog by Razina

ACWW by Bronwyn

Alex71335’s AC:WW Picture Blog

Cake101’s Blog by Sean

Ellis’ Tagebuch von Nivida

Kittyacww’s Blog

Le Cronache di Evelion by sary97

Liz0910’s Blog

Madi’s ACWW Blog

Maggie’s ACWW blog

Mein lustiges Leben in Animal Crossing by Maggie

My ACWW Notebook by Chipinator159

Raine’s Ac:ww Journal

Tammieonacww’s Blog by Rebecca



  1. Awwh, thanks soo much for putting us in Miki 😀 We appreciate it 😉 ~Julie xo

  2. Yeah tysm!! We plan on doing some advertising for you now xx

  3. Wow you do blog advertising 😛 Haha, I visited nearly all of these blogs on Wednesday night from your blogroll 😀
    Thank you for putting this together and including mine in it! ^___^

  4. Awww, Thanks so much! Hehe

  5. Wow its so nice of you to advertise all of these blog on yours! Big thanks to you Mayu 😀 ♥

  6. my blogs not here on on the blogroll?

    • uh sorry Damian? I’ve always thought your weren’t blogging on your blog, I’ll check now…

  7. mayu, why do some of the links have ? marks on them? o.O

    • You mean the “?” on the pics? I’ve put it there to increase suspense to the readers xDD. Otherwise they would see it at one blink, what’s up to them 😛

  8. Aww thank you for advertising for my blog! 🙂

  9. Mayu – thanks for including me in this blog advertising post even though I am currently not playing ac:ww. It’s very sweet of you. I miss playing with you, Meow and Julie but I am enjoying this break and getting the chance to read instead of playing everyday.

    • That sounds really good, Leesh! I’m looking forward to summer 😀
      Enjoy your break 😉

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