Posted by: Mayu | February 17, 2010

It’s difficult to synchronize our fruit eatings

It was a very nice girls evening again in Mitsukyo :).

Lucky from Margoo☆☆ and CocaCola from ♪Mu-sic♪ were my first visitors, followed by

Jane of BomberLu :D. Well, Jane soon had to go and who came instead?

Shania from L.O.V.E!! Wooot! It’s nice to see you all again 😀

Tee hee, look at my cute sister CocaCola xDD 😳

And Lucky is wearing another beautiful shirt again ^^

Then Cola and me tried to eat fruits at the same moment, but that turns out as a very difficult experiment xD. While CocaCola was counting down she has to swap to the item page to drag a fruit to the chara and I have to guess about what time she would be ready and also preparing my camera to take a pic at the right moment xP. I’ve got like 12 pics of trying?? But most of them turned out like the one above…

…another fail try!

This was the only one, where I could see two fruits xP. But it’s blurry, meeeh! 😛

After that we went to Lucky’s town Margoo☆☆ ^^ Wow! You’ve got an Olympic’s flag of Vancouver 😮

Lucky and me in front of her house! 😀 The colourful ground pattern is amazing! 🙂

😆 Haha! Jane came back at that time and we both(!) are sitting on this sofa…but I saw her the other way around xDD! I just love these Wifi lagging weird moments xP.

A very pretty kitchen room 🙂 I really like the individual styles ^^

Soon I had to go, but it was a great Wifi evening. Thanks to all! 😀


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