Posted by: Mayu | February 16, 2010

Jenny, Cindy and Victoria

Just another couple of pics of Yuki’s evening:

This cute lady is Jenny from Hampton, I really like her happy face on this pic 😀

And Cindy from Newton also stopped by, hii! I think this was your first time in Mitsukyo? Nice to meet you :).
They were both exploring my town and I went fishing meanwhile. When both had to go, I also explored all the other towns that were open that evening :).

Well, I’ve said that I don’t usually like to take pics of town owners, when they’re playing offline, but I just wanted to show you some amazing patterns I’ve seen in Victoria’s town Ancells 😉

This is Victoria, although she was offline, she let her DS open 🙂

And that’s the pattern I’ve meant. Isn’t it just awesome???

I also liked this room with the pink patterns 😀

That was all for today 😛



  1. I re-decorated my house it is the black house best at night.

    • Hi Emsyjane ^^ Wow a house just with black patterns? That must look creepy xD

  2. Cool Mayu! Du bearbeitest deine Seiten sehr oft! Gestern Mittag war die Beiträge vom 15. und 16.2. noch nicht da, aber gestern Abend schon! Wow!

    • Danke Rebecca ^^ Ich versuch immer mein blog täglich upzudaten, nur am Wochenende komme ich meist nie zu 😉

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