Posted by: Mayu | February 15, 2010

Some pics of Miki’s evening

Yay, this time Mitsuyko was full again in no time ^^. But I had two rounds of visitors, as a Wifi crash interrupted our gameplay just at the moment, when I had to go offline for a short while…

The first group consisted of:

Lucky and Damian ^^. Hii, long time no see you two! 😀

And CocaCola dropped by, it was also good to see you again 🙂

Well, we had a lot of fun together, but this was the last pic of us before I had to go offline… sorry Damian and CocaCola, that I didn’t take more pics of you… 😦

When I came back I had to reopen my gates:

And this time Jane (brown bun), Lucky and Roi at the right came for a visit, woot! 😉

We had a fancy fashion show together…

…but spinning around our umbrellas was also real fun! xD

Tee hee, a close-up pic of Lucky and Jane, Roi was just changing her clothes at the left corner 😛

Sorry about the lack of pics today 😉 😳



  1. Omigosh, LOL Lucky looks just like me xD

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