Posted by: Mayu | February 13, 2010

Funky and Wisteria are ready for Valentine’s day

Today I’ve visited Meow from Funky ^^

She has a new path! Look at these awesome flying hearts over the snowground! So pretty!

And it guided us to this huge flower heart area! 😀

Even her monster pet Leon was looking for his Valentine lol.

We also had fun messing up Kiki’s bed again :mrgreen:

And Rosie gave me this shirt as a present ^^. Do I look good to be Leon’s bride? 🙂

Well this evening I saw a lot of open towns with Yuki. Usually I don’t take pics of them when I visit the towns, because the town owner are mostly offline during that time and I just want to report about my adventures when they were also participating at it actively. And so although I’ve been visiting 6 towns, only Meow and Stella were playing at the same time ^^.

This is Stella from Wisteria ^^. I’ve pushed her behind the townhall first, as she was offline, but she soon came back and found me xD 😆 You can also see her great path with the “love”-pattern 🙂

Debi also came for a while, hii!

Why do we all have to look like party poopers on this pic? We had such a lot of fun 😛

Tee hee, Stella’s house is really cute and we can sit in the middle of all this celebs in her town. Of course I glanced at Nook! 😉

Thanks for having me over!! 😀



  1. Hi Mayu C:

    Where can I find that dress in the first picture?
    Sorry to disturb you ;B

    • You’re not disturbing me! lol!
      The shirt is called Blue Tartan and can be bought in summer at Ables sisters ^^

      • Thank you very much ^u^

  2. Whoops!
    I mean Yuki dress, sorry :\

  3. Hii miki if you have read my blog recently mbro has died all because of a stupid bad cheat soo that’s my new mbro dead bit luckily I still have my old 1 wiv u on my roster. •phew• Plus I don’t have any fc’s hardly and now when I open my gate no one comes. 😥 😦 Sooo now my gaming days on acww are coming to an end because as I say I try to do something and It wrecks my town. I tryed every thing to get my new mbro alive again but the cheat had put permanent seeds in my town and after I struggled to get then put which I did. After I loaded it kept on freezing soo that’s how i had to resort to my old mbro. 😦 Sorry for the long message it’s just the news.

    • Umm can you give me the FC of your old town again, that I can readd you?
      What a pity about your new town… 😦

      • Sure miki here is my details

        Name: Sean
        Town: Mbro
        fc: 253644534684

  4. hey ummh how do you get the flying hearts i cant make them!?

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