Posted by: Mayu | February 11, 2010


Argh, sorry that I couldn’t update my blog in the last few days, I’ve been too busy to do anything here 😦 .
But I still have some pics of my thursday morning game play. Only Jaimee came for a visit, but it was great fun ^^

Aww, you’re a sweet bride today ~♥

Lol, look what she has found in my Ables shop! xDD. Her moustache reminds me of Tilly 😆

Aww, look at this sweet couple!! 😀 Blathers has got a new girlfriend: Jaimee! xD Meow, I’m sorry, but Blathers might have ditched you… 😛

Cough, visiting the paintings room ^^. Here we’re looking at the ‘warm painting’ 😉

Mona Lisa from Leonardo da Vinci… I really like the realistic look of all these paintings, it’s amazing, don’t you think so too? 😀

We tried to get on the stage to play the piano… but our legs were too short! xP 😆

While Jaimee was talking to her boyfriend Blathers again, I waited for her drinking a coffee… if only Brewster would have some beans for me! 👿

Ok, sorry again Jaimee, that you have to wait such a long time for this report, but thanks for this nice morning ^^



  1. Yaaay xD

    Sorry for being whiny before, I was a bit delirious

    • No worries xD I was really late with updating my blog 😉

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