Posted by: Mayu | February 10, 2010

Pretty umbrella night

Wow, this evening my town was full in no time again ^^. As visitors I had:

Sean at the back, Herti-pi in front of him and Acke♪ at the very right. 🙂 Hi you all and I was happy to see Acke again, as I only know him as a sleeping character yet 😆

Both, Herti-pi and Acke♪ are from Sweden and it was very interesting seeing them chatting in Swedish lol.

Sean was a lot of afk that evening, but here he was back again and you can even see him talking 😉

The poor tree had to suffer us all shaking it like mad xP. And it was very funny because with our umbrellas it looked even wilder xD.

At 9PM Acke♪ had to go home but Roi replaced him as soon as he was out of the gates ^^

Aww, aren’t the colours of these umbrellas pretty? I liked it a lot, especially the colours of Roi’s umbrella are my favourite ones 🙂

It was a lot of fun, thanks @all! 😀



  1. Wow looks fun mayu you all look so sleepy and cute in the last picture lol =D

  2. Mayu! Why do you have to be on so late! we onle gets nearly an hour before i must go to bed. Cant you play on the afternoon like 15 pm or something??

    • Sorry linkboy, I was too busy to play in the last few days… 😦
      I should maybe open for you and Tiki once in the afternoon around 3pm, that would be ok ^^
      So when is best for you? How about Wednesday afternoon 3pm? 🙂

  3. whoops um 3 pm (im a little weird today)

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