Posted by: Mayu | February 9, 2010

Winter in Mitsukyo and spring in malibu

As usual I openend my gates this morning for my far east ACWW friends ^^ (most of them are from Australia)

Jaimee looks so cute today x3. And I asked her for this shirt pattern she’s wearing.

She was so kind to display it at my Ables. Now I want to see my neighbours Bud, Rod, Angus and Bob with this new shirt pattern 😈

Rihanna (at the very right) and Alison joined us 😀

Haha, almost all of us changed the hairstyle to my one, just Rihanna at the left has already changed it before, so she couldn’t do it again. 😛
But just when we wanted to go to malibu, Wifi crashed and all hairstyles returned to the one they had before xP.

Aww, look, it’s spring here in malibu!! 😀 😀

It’s so nice to see the green again! ^^

Oh! Rihanna’s house has expanded another time and now her roof is yellow, that’s beautiful!

That’s her main room, everything you need can be found here: kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, washing machine… but where’s the toilet? xP

Lola at the left came for a visit, hii! 😀

Haha, the red pigtail gang again xD 😆 Can you guess, who’s who? :mrgreen:
Right after that Lola invited us to visit her town homee, but I’ll report about it in my next post 😉
Hope to see you all soon again ^^



  1. lucky her… 😛 she has spring!!!!!!! 😀

  2. ps, luv the red pigtail gang!!!! 🙂

  3. she probally messed with the time as I do~

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