Posted by: Mayu | February 9, 2010

Playing with adults is not much different…

… because all of us adult Animal Crossing players are still a kid in heart ^^.

That was our conclusion of my meeting with Meow, Debi and Jenny ;).

Meow was punctually at 8PM there again and moaned, that I still have got my clothes for like 2 weeks and never changing lol. Ok, ok, I still have got another shirt in my pocket and so I changed it into this green one. And I promised to buy something else from my Ables xP.

Soon Debi was also there and I was showing her my newly bought shirt :P. And she looked great in this black/white combination ^^

Jenny from Hampton dropped by, woot! That means…

Netwhacking is a must again!! xD 😆 :mrgreen:

After a while we have to say good bye to her again 😉 Thanks for your visit, Jenny ^^

And the rest of us had some umbrella fashion show 🙂

Then I suggested to go invading other towns and we said, that we would go to the first town we’ll see…
but… I’ve seen no other open gates after that, did you Meow?? 😆
Well, I gave up after watching the empty list for around 10 min, I just hope we’ll meet up soon again 😉



  1. Awww,poor smelly Yuki!

    I didn’t see any gates either,but when I tried opening my gates Copper said there were already gates open,so I went to Hampton and buried about 5 pitfall seeds behind buildings and trees!HaHaHa!

  2. hi mayu sorry ive been gone so long ive been studying and i also got grounded lol sorry so how have u been. ps ive been still reading your blog =D

    • Hi Ryan, don’t worry, I know that you people are also busy in real life lol (my life is getting busier too these days). But thanks for stopping by again, I appreciate it a lot 🙂

  3. Huhu animal crossing players never grow up ^^

  4. Wednesday night your time I tried to get in your town cuz I was up early! I saw your town, but it was full, so I checked back later, and there was once space. After I tried to get in, I got error code 86430, and when I tried again, I found that your gates were closed 😦 Oh well, maybe next time :mrgreen:

  5. If it’s bad you haven’t changed clothes for 2 weeks, then I’m guilty of wearing the same thing for 2 months! Haha 😀
    Nice pictures! The umbrella fashion show looks very pretty 😛 And I thought the spinning rainbow umbrella (does it say “ACWW”? :P) was extra beautiful, because the spinning created new colours like purple! ^__^

    • Hi Teru, thanks for your comment ^^
      And haha, looks like we both are quite lazy to change clothes xP. And on the umbrella there’s written “WWAG” for wild world adult group, that’s a nice group of ACC which I belong to ;).

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