Posted by: Mayu | February 9, 2010

Froggyland homee

Like I mentioned before I soon headed over to Lola’s town homee. It was my first visit there and I was looking forward to see it ^^

Again a nice surprise when entering the town, here it’s also spring! 😀
And look at this awesome flag! 😮

Aww a cute froggy pond 😀

And everywhere such a lot of flowers and hybrids, so beautiful!! ~♥

Lol, isn’t this frog on the bridge adorable? xDD

Right next to Lola’s house there is a big frog pond 😀

Even her roof has got the frog colour 😆 xD

It was funny in her main room, sooo noisy there because not only the TV was on, but also the musicbox jingled its song and the recorder was playing music, too :P, haha. And yes, another froggy pic in the background 😉

That’s the map of homee ^^. Interesting, isn’t it? Such a big island in the centre and Lola’s house also in the middle of it. From there she can reach all important buildings, I just moaned, that it would be a long way to Nook to sell my turnips, once she has some good turnip price there xP.

Yay, a dandelion fenced hybrid garden!

Genji asked me for a shirt, so I gave him one…

… and got this cap in return. Are you jealous about it Lola or does it just not suit me? xP

Oops! I just realise, that I only have one pic of Lola in this report??? 😯
Argh, sorry for that Lola, I had so much fun strolling over your town I almost forgot to take some pics of us together 😉
I’ll try to think of it next time ^^




  2. What? there’s wooden bridge in wild world?
    We can build bridge in wild world?

    • Hello nana.There aren´t wood bridges,it´s a design (or pattern?) You can find it on the Icons and patterns site,i think

  3. mayu omg im so sorry i didnt come last night!!! i COMPLETLY forgot! omg im so sorry! can we wifi again b4 thurs next week? 😦

    • Don’t worry Tilly, it’s ok xD
      I have to say sorry for tomorrow morning, because I have to go to a parents meeting at my sons school and I won’t be able to play before thursday morning either, sorry! 😦

      • oks thats fine 😉
        ill write it on my calendar for thursday so i DONT FORGET!!!

  4. Oh I didn’t see this before. A sneak peek at Spring! xD But we’re already in February; does this mean the snow will be disappearing soon? I’m going to miss it very much! T_T

    And I just noticed the house in the 3rd picture. It’s really nice and I’ve never had one in my town! >_< So is it true that there are types of houses you can get and types you can never get? 😦

    • Aww, you might be the only one who’s is going to miss the snow xD lol!
      About the house, yes, I’ve also read it somewhere that the towns are seperated into three different types A, B and C and that means, that some items are really difficult to get at Nook’s shop of the other type or that you don’t get some house types that the others have. But I’m not sure if that is true though…

      • It’s starting to seem true =_= But I’ll wait another few months to make sure 😛
        I really wish I got that town-looking type of house in my town >_< It seems the type of houses I got is the same as you. They all look a bit shabby to me 😦
        Did Lola's town have many more houses like the one in the picture? And if you ever paid attention when you visited other people, did you ever notice towns with many houses you've never seen in Mitsukyo?

        • Yes, Lola has more of these houses, which look totally different to my ones ;). I’ve collected a huge number of different house styles as I wanted to make a did-you-know post about this theme, but it turns out as a very big number of house styles, I can’t believe how much houses there are in ACWW… oO
          Maybe when spring comes back I’ll post about it soon, because I’ve done pictures of the houses without the snow on it and I don’t want to mix them up 😉

          • Sorry I totally forgot where I asked you this question! Thanks for your reply, Mayu. It would be SO wonderful of you if you could put those pictures up >_< Even if you just plonk them up without any order or information. Because it feels like no-one else takes pictures of the animals' houses 😦

            And now I am pretty confident that, the moment I get hold of someone else with an ACWW game, I will be migrating my character to their town while I rebuild mine until I find one with my favourite houses. But I don't know what my favourites are yet, because I haven't seen many of them T_T

            • Ok Teru, I’ll do that soon, today or tomorrow ^^

              • Wow, seriously?? Thank you so much! >__<

  5. almost unbelievable how much fun everyone has … 😀 every page i see on this site makes me just so happy all the patterns all the nice looking ac-ww worlds 😛 i’m looking for popcorn patterns and boat patterns and high wooden fence patterns xD… cya!

    • Thanks for your nice comment leroy. ^^
      Have you checked Katrina’s Cranny? When you click on this name you’ll be guided to one of the most talented pattern creators, there’s also a boat and the high wooden fence you’re looking for.
      Just for popcorn I didn’t find anything 😛

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