Posted by: Mayu | February 8, 2010

Fun with Sean, Rihanna and Miley

Haha, it looks like everyone is really busy now, I waited like 30min before my first visitor, Sean, came to Mitsukyo 😉

Hi Sean, it’s nice to see you again ^^

And a couple of minutes later Rihanna was also there. Wow, great helmet lol! 😆

Ewww! Why must Angus have got such a wet nose?? xP

After a while we decided to visit Mbro ^^:

Cool heart pattern, Sean! 8)

Aww, it’s a little to dark to see it, but we’re standing in a chocolate pool 😉

Then a friend of Sean dropped by, it’s Miley! They have got the same style ^^

In Sean’s main room I felt dizzy and had to lie down for a bit xP. And Rihanna is looking very close to the weird pattern of the wallpaper lol.

My last picture of this evening, tee hee, I like this a lot, we both look happy on this pic 🙂

I had fun! 😀


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