Posted by: Mayu | February 8, 2010

Bright nights again in Mitsukyo

Oh? Sparkling cedars again in our towns? That means…

Tortimer:”AAARGH! The lights! They burn my eyes!”
…TORTIMER is blind now!!! :mrgreen:

Tortimer:”It’s bright nights! And I’m the mayor! Yahoo! I love my job!”
Oops, sorry, not blind, but we’ve got Bright Nights this week!! xDD

So, what do we do in this week? We have to tell Tortimer every day, which house is decorated best in your opinion…

Well, so far so good, but when you compare all the neighbours houses:

(I’ve only got 7 neigbhours today and argh, I just realize I wrote the German name Dolly instead of Vesta :lol:)
There isn’t really a big difference, is there?!? 😛 😆

Well, as Vesta is my favourite neighbour, I’ve chosen her for today’s best house ^^

Oh, speaking of the devil, she just asked me if I’ve seen her newly decorated house yet 🙂

A little disappointing, that we can’t decorate our house at all!! 😦
That’s mean!!

In my opinion bright nights is on the one side a nice and beautiful event, but on the other side also a very long and boring week, as no other special visitor is coming to our town, especially I’m going to miss Joan next sunday, so no turnip trade next week for me 😦 .

On sunday the all over winner of bright nights will be announced on the bulletin board, but that surely depends of who you chose as the winners before.

By the way, if you have a lot of cheated sparkling cedars in your town, you might have problems starting your ACWW today. The same problem some people had at New Year’s eve, as there were also the cedars sparkling event and what you have to do to get rid of this problem is to set your DS time to Feb 15th, when the bright night is over, then all sparkling cedars will turn into normal ones and your game is ok again.



  1. This looks like a fun event. I don’t remember participating in this last year. I like the bright lights and it’s too bad that I am not playing so that I can see all the nicely decorated houses.

  2. In Animal Crossing:LGTtC they have a festivale sometime this month i’m not sure if its like this

  3. I voted for Vesta too lol.
    Hehe, I hope Blaire doesn’t get mad!

  4. There’s something I don’t understand, it seems during Bright Nights week, everyday Tortimer ask who’s house you will pick. So what’s after, after you picked one? And wbat’s for, when he ask everyday.

    I don’t really get this Bright Night thing.

    If someone one, feel free the answer here. Thankx

    • It’s really a boring week! xD
      I’ve voted for Vesta two times and for Tabby also two times during the week. And on the last day I voted for Bob. And who won this bright nights? Bob!! So I think only the last vote will count as the winner… 😕

  5. M birthday is when bright nights start

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