Posted by: Mayu | February 5, 2010

Sleeping Acke♪ and house fun!

Tonight I was able to play a little bit earlier over Wifi so I decided to look whose gates are open, and found Aritia, the town of Acke♪

I haven’t met him before, so I was quite curious about him and his town ^^.
Hello? No answer…

Haha, I’ve found him sleeping near his house, aww, what a pity, that he isn’t on xP. But don’t worry Acke, I’m not angry about it, let’s meet up another day 😉

Well, I soon went back to my town to open instead and Roi and Herti-pi came for a visit, woot! 😀

Followed by Sean, who is still tanned! 🙂 (I think that’s amazing, because everytime I travelled to another town in summer whose season was different I always lost my tan as soon as I entered the town xP )

But our fun didn’t last long and Wifi crashed, sigh… 😦
I’m sorry Herti-pi that you couldn’t get again to Mitsukyo, because

Jane of Bomberlu came instead, together with Sean and Roi 😉

Wow, Jane looks sooo beautiful on this pic! I like your Venetian carnival costume ~♥

Then we had a lot of fun about my house lol. I switched off all lights in my house and only one light of them we were toggling on and off all the time and the other people outside could also see it flickering!! xDD 😆

Here you can have an image about how it looks lol. It was really funny, in this case Roi was switching on and off in my house :mrgreen:

As her fingers were warmed up, she also gave me a sweet massage, ahhh~
thanks a lot Roi, that was relaxing!! 😉

It was a great evening, thanks to all! 😀



  1. Haha, I like you house with the flickering lights! Its so cute to see it go real fast xD :mrgreen:

  2. lol I could have a ACWW massage spa

  3. Sorry Mayu ;P

  4. how do u make that moving picture?

    • want to add me?

    • I add several pictures to a .gif-file, you can use either a gif-maker-tool or like me I use my gimp program to make them ^^

  5. Maybe he used ar?It worked for me

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