Posted by: Mayu | February 4, 2010

Hello Leo from Karity ^^

I had a date this afternoon with a very nice old ACWW friend:

It’s Leo from Karity, I still know her as Topia from Utopia, in 2008 we’ve played a lot together and it was always great fun with her ^^

Welcome back, dear Leo! ^^ It’s good to see you back to ACWW 😉

We had a walk around my town and then I’ve ordered the complete regal
furniture for her.

Here they were lying in front of my house and Leo was really thankful to get these items 🙂 You’re welcome! 😀

She also fancied this dress pattern of my Ables. Jaimee has put it up there, I think she has got a good sense of what people really like XD

*cough* Goofing around on my BBQ and I won’t tell you what’s written there in German 😳 :mrgreen: 😆

Later on we had a lot of fun by going fishing, but we only caught all kinds of basses and other not-so-much-valuable fish 🙂

It was a great afternoon, thanks for visiting me, Leo 😀

Oh, she also posted about this meeting on her new blog, you can find it here:
Leo’s blog
But be aware that it’s written in German 😉



  1. Lol, pipiflecken? I think I have a small idea of what that might mean :mrgreen:

  2. Tell please :L !
    Don’t be shyyyy !

  3. Schön, mich mal wieder in einem deiner Einträge zu sehen 😀 *freu* Und Jaimees Outfit steht mir SO gut :3

    Hatte gehofft, dass du das mit der Gießkanne geknipst hast. *lol* (Würd auch zu gern mal wissen, was Pipiflecken auf Englisch heißt^^)

    Ist es ok, wenn ich mir das 2. Foto ausschneide und als Ava nehme?

    • Klar Leo, benutz es wie du das möchtest ^^
      (und keine Ahnung, wie genau Pipiflecken übersetzt wird LOL)

  4. hehe, pipiflecken means a peespot or something right? :p

    • Umm Jaimee told me about weemarks lol. peespot sounds like “Pipipickel” lol xD

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