Posted by: Mayu | February 4, 2010

Big sister Alison and broken axe

When Tilly had to go I opened my gates instead 😉

And not only Jaimee came for a visit but also

Rihanna from malibu! Hi! 🙂 She bought me the same shirt like hers from my Ables, so we’ve got the same look, how cool! 8) Thanks for that, rihanna ^^

Ugh, Rod is new in my town. I don’t like mice very much, although he’s quite cute in his pirate outfit. 😉 (but his “boa-ey” as catchphrase is annoying!!!)

We all were waiting for another visitor, P!nk also wanted to come and after some problems (I’ve added the wrong FC lol) she finally came through my doors:

Welcome Alison (aka P!nk), it has been a while! 😀 And aww, doesn’t she look like my big sister? xD

😯 Ouch Rihanna! You’re whacking me with your axe?? 😈 But I’ve heard a big crashing noise right after you did that…

Ha! Ha! Now look, whose axe is broken and who’s now sad about it xP :mrgreen: (and Alison looks weird because she was attacking rihanna with a shovel lol)

After a while Jaimee had to go and Lola came instead ^^. Yay, white 3-pigtails hairstyle and your rainbow shirt is really awesome ~♥

We had a lot of fun 😉 ♫



  1. 6th picture: lol

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