Posted by: Mayu | February 3, 2010

Strolling around Sun City

Tonight I was invited to come to Nelly’s town Sun City ^^. You know her also as Zoe or Sorrel, she restarted her town recently and I haven’t seen her town yet.

Hi Zoe, it’s great to see you again ^^

She guided me through Sun City and we also found Gracie’s car standing in front of the townhall 😉

Her golden path were very well laid down, all pathes guided the visitors to the buildings in Sun City.

That’s Zoe’s town map, it’s really cool, isn’t it? The river is really long and the little island at the bottom really cute♪

Aww, it’s still the first house 😀

So tiny, but sooo comfy x3

And I also had to visit Nook’s Cranny!! ♥ ^^

Well, we weren’t alone there, later on Sorcha came for a visit…

… but also ~Shania~ 😀

Soon I had to go, it was fun and thanks for having me over ^^



  1. Heyyy. You know how we were talking about the possible house on the island?

    Well your genji moved there!


    • Ohh, I’m sorry about that Nelly lol, I know that you don’t like him much xP

  2. Yupp. He Murdered Ringo.. v.v

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