Posted by: Mayu | February 2, 2010

Netwhacking with Meow, Jenny and Stella

This evening I had finally time again to play with Yuki. Sorry, that I didn’t open my gates last tuesday, but I was too busy.

As soon as I opened my gates, my friend Meow from Funky came over, woot! 😀 Pretty nose, Meow xD

And as usual we started to visit my neighbours. Here we’re at Tabby’s house.

Agent S has got a really interesting house, she’s living in a blue-yellow themed tent with robo floor 😮

Soon Jenny from Hampton popped in! Yay, long time no see, Jenny 😀

We all missed the net fights!!

And Meow and me were trying to whack down Redd’s tent xD 😆

Having a little pause while chit-chatting.

Then Stella from Wisteria joined our party! 😀

We were controlling my turnips, Meow smooshed them before again, grrr 😈

Haa, I like my new garden room, I just miss all the green and springful colours. Have you also noticed, that you couldn’t find any new dandelions in your town now? That’s because of winter… these ones you can see here I still had in Mayu’s cupboard lol.

After Stella and Jenny had to go, Meow and I went fishing. It was really relaxing 🙂

But most of the time we didn’t catch good fish! xP

Thanks for the fun, ladies! 😀



  1. WOOO! The color of the leaves has changed slightly, and the ground is getting browner! YAY!! One step closer to spring!! xD

    • Yes I also noticed it, WOOOOOOOTTT!! Spring! Finally spring xDD

  2. ahhh! mayu! sorry!
    when i got my charger it accidently pressed on the reset button my dsi!!!
    umm, weird tho i saved i dont have the painting OR the pattern???

  3. mayu-i just realised lol
    u have 1001 posts in my diary! coooool lol :3

    • Wow, thanks for telling me XD 😮

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