Posted by: Mayu | February 1, 2010

New friend: Andres from Franklin

It was a busy evening with a lot of Wifi crashes again. I got many visitors but we couldn’t play that much as I wanted, because every 5 min Resetti spoiled our fun, meeh! 😦
But I can show you some pics of my meeting ^^:

At the gates there are Julie and Lucky, and in front of them Roi, who had birthday yesterday, so happy belated b-day, dear Roi!! 😀 😀

Julie was in good mood like always and it was nice to meet her up again, especially as she can’t or don’t want to play over Wifi that much anymore 😉

Lucky and me were in my new room, the garden room. I got rid of my brainwash room, I was bored with that lately, lol.

Roi was afk that time and soon Wifi crashed 😦

When I reopened, I had a new visitor, it’s Andres from Franklin, welcome to Mitsukyo 🙂

And Lucky brought the kitten to my town, woot!

But Wifi crashed another time when Julie tried to enter and before I had the chance to save the progress, 👿

Well, gates are open again and Andres and Lucky came back ^^. Here Andres was just changing his hairstyle to this white one, it looks great!

This is my last pic of today, where Lucky put Andres’ pharao mask on lol. After that it crashed again and I gave up playing over Wifi tonight, as it’s really no fun to start over and over again.

Hope next time we’ll have more time to play 😉



  1. MAMI!! lol

    • lol does she say “MOMMY!” in your language? xD

      • Yup xD

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