Posted by: Mayu | January 29, 2010

A new friend: Nana from Lucky

My evening started with CocaCola(left), Lucky(right) and Sean (behind Cola). Hi you three! Sean has got such a dark tan, but I couldn’t get a nice pic of him xP.

Well, we strolled around and I was shaking this tree like forever, because…
yes, you guessed it right, Wifi was lagging and finally crashed 😦

When I reopened only Lucky came back first. But soon I had another visitor:

That’s Nana from Lucky, my newest ACWW friend from Canada 😀 Welcome!

Well, Nook’s medicine worked well and now she’s looking way better 😉

And Roi from Japan dropped by, yay! 😀

We did a lot together. Net fighting is always fun! :mrgreen:

Playing the “bomb”-game 😉 Nana saved Mitsukyo on this pic, woot!

And showing our patterns on umbrellas was also very nice ^^

I felt dizzy, when Nana swirled her umbrella next to me 😛

From our net fighting I had to wear a bandage for all my bruises and Roi was so exhausted that she fell asleep :P.
It was a lovely evening, hope to see you all soon again!! 😀



  1. Hey!!!
    I really like your blog
    read it often
    hey I was wondering if I could visit your town sometime?

    Here’s my info!

    Name: Andres
    town: Franklin
    friend code: 1033-2333-7462

    • Hi Andres, thanks for your comment ^^
      I’ll add you with Miki, you can find her FC on “My ACWW stats” 😉

      • Cool thanks
        are you guys playing now?
        And where can I find ur FC?

        • No, not now, but I’ll try to play around 8PM my time (look on my blog clock to see my current time)
          And like I told you before, you can find my FC under “My ACWW stats” 😆

  2. Found it!
    ok I’ll be playing at that time!
    I already added u guys!

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