Posted by: Mayu | January 28, 2010

Wow, this was a busy morning!

What a busy morning lol. A lot of Wifi crashes again, but therefore also a lot of visitors in my town 😀

CocaCola found some playing time again, before she had to go to school. Good morning! 😀

Hm? Are you wondering why I took a pic of my turnips?

Because, Nook was buying them for 514bells today! HOOOOORAAAY!!! LOL

This is Rihanna, she is selling her turnips at that moment too, I also gave my visitors some of my plenty turnips xD It’s sooo much fun, selling them for THAT price! :mrgreen: And I’ve been REALLY lucky, because last week I also had a very good price on thursday, I didn’t think that this week would be another good turnip week either 😀

CocaCola came just out of Nookingtons and was also very happy to sell some turnips 🙂 . But then Wifi crashed! 😦

And my new visitors were: My newest ACWW friend Elo from ~luv~ in the center, Jaimee at the back right and Rihanna in front of her, hiii!

Elo is a very nice and kind girl from Australia, too 😀

Tee hee, I think Rihanna looks cute on this pic where she’s walking.

Finally done with selling all my turnips. And my house is full of bell bags now, woot! ($_$)v

Another Wifi crash and this time Tilly tried to come… but although she was trying several times to get through my gates she had no luck, Wifi crashed all the time she was trying to do that, awwww! 😦 😥

Razina and Elo got through… but then another crash and…

Rihanna and Lola came instead lol. And Elo was my last visitor to fill up my town. We soon decided to go to Rihanna’s town malibu to help her getting PTS – a perfect town.

But I’ll write about that in another post.
Phew, that was really a lot of Wifi crashes and lots of visitors, I just wished, Wifi would be more stable in this case 😦
But anyway, thank you all for coming over and Tilly, I hope we’ll have better luck next time 😉 , it’s really a pity!



  1. mayu, after you closed (i had finally gotten wifi to work again D: ) i opened my gates and jaimee came.
    irrevelent but i thought id tell u lol
    umm, mum says no mor computer ds wii etc mon-thurs now schools back so i cant really wifi…please, please, when can you go back to firdays???? D:

    • Yes, I saw that Tilly, but just when I wanted to enter your town, you closed it (or Wifi crashed) xP and I only saw Razina’s town left 😦
      Uh oh, so no Wifiing on the other days?!? 😥 that’s really bad… 😦 because I’ve got really no time on friday mornings yet, but when probably we won’t do sports that day, I’ll tell you

  2. Theres that Chara pattern again!

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