Posted by: Mayu | January 27, 2010

Going afk can be dangerous sometimes…

I had a lot of fun tonight ^^

First of all I’ve met Jane from BomberLu again, WOOOOOT!!! 😀
So nice to see you again ♪

And soon Sean and CocaCola also dropped by, helloooo~

Tee hee, it’s really cute when boys are laughing on pics, their wider mouth are different to the girls one ^^

We tried to catch the coelacanth, but no luck for us all. But!
Jane was very happy, as you can see on this pic, because her cousin just gave birth to a girl in this moment, awww! CONGRATS!!! I hope mother and baby are both good and healthy 🙂

Later on CocaCola had to go home and we took a last pic of us in the gates, before she went 😉

Then Sean was offline for a while, without getting into sleep mode (DS lid shut) or in chatting mode, you know what happens next… :mrgreen:

Netfight!! xD LOL!

And trying to trap him 😆 . But soon Sean was back again and he easily filled the holes with his feet 😉

After this fun I suddenly had to go as I was busy with family. Sorry about that, but thanks for the great time we had xD


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