Posted by: Mayu | January 26, 2010


…said Jaimee a lot today and she’s absolutely right!!!

My morning started so good, Jaimee and Ally aka Tilly came over and I was so happy to meet them, especiall Ally again! 😀 Ally is the one with the curly moustache 😉
Jaimee can be hardly seen behind the peach tree.

Zooming up to have a better view. 🙂 Ack, Jaimee is still cutted lol.

Ally also designed a pattern for me! It’s so lovely,she made a Mitsukyo flag with all my 4 charas on it! 😮 Awwww thank you so much, Ally!!! ~♥

But then… Wifi crashed! 😦 Nooo!

And CocaCola and Jaimee came through my gates, but no Ally *sniff*

Here you can see Ally’s pattern on the ground! 😀 In Japanese Hiragana there’s Mitsuko written xD

We had some nice umbrella pattern show ^^

Hee hee, Jaimee watered my frog Ribbit.

…Wifi crashed another time after that!! 👿

My next round of visitors: Jaimee in center and Lola from Homee at the right. Hii, nice to see you again! 😀 For CocaCola it was time to go to school and still no Ally 😦

HMPFT!!!! That can’t be true, can it be?!?!? AAAARGH!!

Lola back again 🙂 Jaimee also found the way back to Mitsukyo again 🙂

Here we were just talking about our breakfast (lol) then…

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! No! No! No! Noooo! 👿 👿

Welcome back the 5th 🙄 lol

What the….?!? GO HOME, Resetti, go home!!!!

My last black cosmos spare hybrid was for Lola and I could save luckily. Because 10 min later he was back again:

(haha, I was laughing about this new word for me, I just love such funny sounding words xP)

That’s enough for today! xD
Thanks anyway for all your visits and your patience 😉



  1. LLOOLLL! That picture of Ressetti at the end is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hes such a grumpy grouch.

  2. LMAO

  3. LOL 7 Crashes!! Resetti is a poohead! 😆 Pssshhhhaaaawww!

  4. LOL I love that Resetti Graffiti!!

  5. mayu-
    sorry i couldnt come back after wifi crashed the first time 😳
    i tried several times, then tried reconfiguring my wifi, still no luck 😦
    then i tried posting a comment on your blog when dad disconnected the internet coz dinner was on and he was getting pretty mad O.o

    when can we go back to wifi on friday? it wasnt as slow/laggy lol
    also, when do you go on dst?
    jaimee (since shes on dst) wifis with u at 7pm so it must be a bit easier as shed of already had dinner and all, but 6pm for me (no dst) really is the most inconvenient time D:
    i might not be able to wifi with u again until its fridays 5pm o.o

    • Ahh I see, hmmmm…. on Fridays it’s really difficult as I have sports at the morning but maybe I could open earlier… but tomorrow I won’t be able to play before 8.20AM but then I’ll try to open. I hope it’s ok for you 🙂
      Germany’s DST starts end of march, that’s a while to go… 😦

      • i rember u used to not have sports on friday? umm if u dont have sports on firday again plz tell me 🙂

        • Oh it changed now to Wednesday and Friday mornings, as my friend’s worktime has changed and we can do that only in the mornings now :).

  6. oh and umm, i know my chara is called ally and stuff, but could u plz call me tilly in ur posts? lol
    glad u liked the flag! did you just display it at the gates or as your flag? (i dont care if u ddint lol 😛 )

    • Ok Tilly will do that ^^
      Yes I really love your flag, but I don’t want to exchange my frog flag, it has been there from the beginning and although your flag is sooo awesome, I just can’t get rid of it, sorrryy >.<;

      • lol, in that case, if its been there since the beginning, u can keep it lol 😉

  7. oh no, 7 crash. what’s wrong, is it the connection in your local community or your router?

    • That can be any problems, most of the time I suppose it’s Nintendo’s servers itself as it might be too crowded at some time. My router is good and I have always got all bars while wifiing and so does my friends, but still Wifi tends to crash. It’s quite common, I think a day without any Wifi crash would be a highlight as it is that seldom 😉

  8. hey mayu wifi crashed and when i kept opening it kept crashing some of our work is still there thanks for the fun post when we can meet up again cya! maybe wifi will work in the moring cya

    • Ahh it’s ok, I also wondered why I couldn’t get into your town anymore, I always had the error code 80430, well I’m glad that a lot of our work didn’t disappear as you also have saved several times. See ya soon 😉

  9. Nobody looks very impressed on the 15th pic down, lol

  10. wifi crashed when i tried to play with Linkboy

  11. 6 wifi crashes omg, normally that happens to me if I play to much 😦

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