Posted by: Mayu | January 25, 2010

Working for PTS in ♪Mu-sic♪

Tonight I had only CocaCola as visitor, but it’s totally ok ^^
After staying a while in my town and as no other visitors came, I asked her if she’s working on a perfect town status for her town and she said yes. Then I offered her my help and we both soon partied over to go to her town.

Yay, it’s nice to be in ♪Mu-sic♪ again 🙂

I also brought 23 normal flowers from my town, I’m always glad when I get rid of them lol. (I don’t like to sell the spare flowers to Nook xP)

And Lucky from Margoo☆☆ came also for a visit, woot! 😀

But then Wifi crashed! 😦 (well, we had several crashes this evening)

All back again ^^ But I went home to fetch some more fruits and coconuts for Cola.

Shake, shake, shake! It’s not easy to get sharp pictures, while you hold your DS on your knees, taking a pic with your left hand and pushing the A button with the right one LOL

I headed back to Mu-sic♪ and started to plant them on empty spots.

But Phyllis wasn’t complaining about too less trees but all about the stuff that are lying here and there in town xP:
Lol, well as I said, Wifi crashed several times more and as I was also busy in planting trees and selling the stuff I didn’t take a lot of pics today 😉
After the 3rd or 4th crash I gave up, meeh! I hope we can work for your pts soon again, CocaCola! I really enjoy this work ^^


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