Posted by: Mayu | January 25, 2010

Long time no see, Rihanna!!!

I opened my gates unusually this Monday morning, because I was at home and Jaimee asked me if we could reunite lost kitten and her mother again 😉

Of course we can do that and soon Jaimee brought the lost kitten to Mitsukyo. Awww, finally they’re together again :D. But look at Booker and Copper, they both look quite annoyed, don’t you think so, too? :mrgreen: xD It just happens too often that the little girl is lost again 😉

All these items I prepared for Razina, she wanted the lovely and classic furniture theme lol. And my son also cheated some golden tools for her 😉

But my next visitor was a big surprise! It’s Rihanna from malibu!! We haven’t met up since December in the year 2008!!! 😯 Whoa, it’s so good to see you again!! xD
And look, she has got a tan! 😮 It’s summer in her town and she kept her tan, although she was entering my town in another season, wow! I’ve always lost my tan when I visited another town in a different season 😦

We all together: Jaimee, Rihanna and me

Then Razina was also there in Mitsukyo. For 1 minute then Wifi crashed!!! ARGHHH!! 👿 Why does this happen always so often?? When I reopened only Rihanna and Jaimee came back, but no Razina 😦 . Well she had some problems to see my gates and I also couldn’t see that she was open, what a pity 😦
And this time when Rihanna entered my town, she was white, she lost her tan, awww! 😦 But luckily she didn’t care about it 😉

Later on Rihanna went afk, so Jaimee and me buried some pitfalls in front of us and pushed her into one and ourselves, too lol. It was so funny! 😆

Tee hee, I had one pitfall left xD. So Rihanna had to fell into it another time 😛 (sorry about that haha)

When Jaimee had to go we headed over to Rihanna’s town Malibu. Aww isn’t it nice to see that green grass again? 😀 That was my last pic of today, because we both also had to go soon 😉



  1. aww ALL MY THINGSS nooooooo~ i guess i have to wait till thursday. 😛 i tried to enter but it sed i couldnt enter your town, even if there was a spot left. :/ :[

    oh and i have to ‘repay’ you somehow for all the stuff! :O but how? xD

    • do you want to come over quickly? I don’t have much time left, though 😛

      • aah! IM COMMINGGG

  2. hi mayu just wondering if we could do that again oh gosh its SO hard for my time and ur time! hmm do u reckon u could stay up later?/ for like 1 time so we could wifi 4 ages late for u is early for me im a morning person! ok thanks in advance

    • Ummm I don’t know rihanna because it’s already hard for me to play until 10PM without any interruptions. So I can’t promise to keep my gates longer open, I’m sorry about that 😦

      • its alright ih ave ur time in my ipod so i look at it to see what time are u opening on Wednesday??? tHATS today my time and i start school im gonna be so good this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in acww subject lol so like 6pm my time is 10 am ur time and my wifi is a lil laggy AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH thanks in advance

  3. rihanna how can you?!
    i just got your mitzi(so cute!) and she says(her catchfraze) i’m a . 😥

    • i didnt make that my sis did

  4. hi everyone im glad i have acww bffs

    • Hi cody, I hope you and your sister are fine? 🙂

  5. im doing good and how are u mayu i got to stay the night with my friend last friday

    • that sounds like fun and thanks I’m fine too lol

  6. i miss dawn and kitty and nicole i wonder when they see me agin

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