Posted by: Mayu | January 24, 2010

Good bye Leesh, see ya in summer! :D

Tonight I had a date with Leesh, she announced on her blog, that it would be her last ACWW Wifi play for several months, as she also wants some other good times with reading books and I know, that ACWW is really time consuming so I could understand her very well 🙂

There she is, I like her blue eyes and her dress fits perfectly to them today 😀

She was also taking some pics of this evening, so check also her blog later to see her post about it 😉

We enjoyed sitting on my sofa and having a nice chit-chat.

Our last head bumping on the bed. Then I had another visitor, we hoped that she would come over 🙂

It’s Meow! YAAAY!

Oh, you also have got a nice wollen hat, that means…

…I have to buy one, too! Ok, now we match 🙂

Netfighting is always great! xD Just Meow was unfair with her helmet xP

Maggie also joined our party and we popped some last party poppers to say good bye to Leesh, who had to go after that.

😦 Sniff, we had a wonderful time together, dear Leesh, I always enjoyed your visits!! Let’s meet up in summer again, please take care!!! 😀 😀

PS: HERE you can find Leesh’s report about this date 🙂


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